Suburban ZW7 "Nivomat" Suspension

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  1. Psyc0

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    Anyone else looking at replacement rear shocks, (actually suspension supportive dampeners) for their Suburban/Tahoe/GMC with ZW7 "Nivomat" option?
    So far, I found these:

    The front shocks in a ZW7 system can be replaced by good quality gas shocks, but the rears cannot; because the springs in the rear are weaker/softer than normal, and will sag if used in conjunction with a standard shock absorber.
    A spring change (to standard suspension) will allow you to use a regular shock absorber, however, GM claims the ride comfort will suffer.
    BTW: the suspension option should be listed on the inside of the glove-box, hence if You have a ZW7 code (Premium Smooth Ride), or a Z55 code (Auto-Ride Control), it's gonna cost You to replace the dampening units. :shocked::grrrrrr:

    Please post a link if You find the same or similar item at a better price. :glasses:
    KYB, Sachs, and Monroe builds the above "Nivomat" replacement parts, with the Sachs being the factory originals.

    Here's another replacement part: Monroes for $269.10...scroll down to the Monroe for Nivomat.
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  2. Psyc0

    Psyc0 Rockstar 100 Posts

    I actually found the factory correct pair of Nivomat shocks (Sachs) on for less money than the Monroe or KYB units, and I paid no sales tax, plus received free overnight shipping.

    It sure pays to look around the internet! :glasses:
  3. ChevyBoy2009

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    Good job on finding a better price! sure does pay to look around!
  4. M-technik-3

    M-technik-3 Rockstar

    Got my front for my Tahoe LT autoride off of Ebay new for 384 for a pair.
  5. Psyc0

    Psyc0 Rockstar 100 Posts

    Yep! :great:
  6. Psyc0

    Psyc0 Rockstar 100 Posts

    Auto-ride is Z55 option?
  7. M-technik-3

    M-technik-3 Rockstar

    Not sure but mine says LT with autoride right underneath. Not sure if mine is a a Z55 I'm not sure how to find the RPO list and what is on my truck.

    Nevermind found the RPO plate, Autoride is Z55.
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  8. Psyc0

    Psyc0 Rockstar 100 Posts

    Thought so.
    Auto-Ride uses a different shock than the ZW7 Nivomat suspension.
    Nivomat is self-contained, Auto-Ride is powered.

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