suggestions for best stroker motor?

Discussion in 'Chevy Silverado Forum (GMC Sierra)' started by bocephus, Aug 11, 2011.

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    Hey gents i gotta 350 and im gonna build me a lil street motor out of it keep in mind im still in school and work as a dishwasher so im no millionaire but i want suggestions on the best and cheapest stroker what kinda heads, crank, cam etc. lets see what you got!
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    I suppose you are going to put this "stroker" motor in your 1979, and take out the big block. You can probably sell the 454 for some bucks to supplement your dishwasher salary and buy a few parts for the "stroker". These older carbureted trucks were notoriously bad for fuel mileage. I would say, if it's a standard transmission, get a 3.08 rear for mileage, or get a 4L60E or newer, or at least a 700R4 for cruising RPM's. For power, your 1979 stock 12 bolt is probably a 3:73 or 3:70 rear. If it's 4x4 all bets are off. If it were me, I'd use a mild cam with Rhodes lifters to keep high vacuum at low RPM's. A quadrajet is a great carb for high velocity at lower RPM's, and rhinoscerous A-holes in the secondarys for good full-on power. Efficiency equals power. The highest compression you can run without detonation is a good target. 9:0 to one is probably as much as you can get away with. Remember, a performance camshaft lowers your effective compression, because of overlap. Read up on volumetric efficiency. Check your "new" block for taper, if it's excessive go with a rebore and new pistons. After break-in on your motor, run Shell Rotella if you are using a flat tappet cam, because newer oil does not have anti-scuff properties. Free exhaust adds power and mileage. If you get duals, I recommend an H crossover to eliminate nauseating noise resonance.

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