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    Okay! I have done pretty much everything I wanted to do to the outside of the truck and the drivetrain. This spring I will be turning my attention to the audio aspect. I will be looking for an ipod compatible cd player (I have about 1000 songs) and a speaker upgrade. I am willing to install a small amplifier to boost the speakers but do not want a large speaker box.

    I am open to any suggestions you folks have! Price is not a huge factor but I am not going to spend crazy money as the truck will be replaced for my next project in about two years...(and Yes, I'm going to being buying another Chevy/GMC...of course!!). Whatta ya think?!?!? :party:

    TELORVEHC Rockstar 4 Years 1000 Posts

    Are you looking for just an aftermarket radio or one with navigation? If you're just looking for a new radio, check out the Alpine CDE103BT. You can find it for about $180, maybe less. I have it in my truck now and it has Aux & USB inputs and it has Bluetooth. Also, if you want an amp with a small footprint, consider the Alpine Powerpack-------> It offers about the same amount of power as a full size speaker amp, and it has a fairly small footprint.
  3. Jay

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    Thanks for the post. Not looking for one with Navigation but I did check out that Alpine and it is along the lines of what I would like (something utilizing the USB port for ipod access). Did you have any issues installing it?
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    An Alpine headunit is a great option, big fan of there stuff. If you want a small footprint but more power you may want to look at a 5 channel amp. This amp allows you to have all you cab speakers and a sub run from a sinlge amp. Less wiring and headache. JL Audio, Polk, and Boston Acoustics are my personal favorites for speakers. Have you thought of where you want to mount the amp. You could put it on the back wall of the exteneded cab so it is out of the way.


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    The install went fairly smooth, just make sure you buy the adapter harness that plugs into your stock wiring harness, otherwise it won't fit. This is the harness you need------> harness yes the price is absurd considering what it does, but unfortunately its a necessary piece. Check out Ebay or another website, they have it for much cheaper than Crutchfield.
  6. Jay

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    I love the suggestions...keep em coming!! I have had Alpine products before (in my 87 Monte Carlo SS and an 88 Chevy Blazer) and was very happy with them so I think I'm sold on going with the Alpine stereo. It has exactly what I want.

    I knew that I needed a harness adapter but wasn't sure which one...thanks for showing me the right one.

    I don't know if I want to go with a sub...just looking to upgrade the factory placements...if I install that stuff and it lacks the bass then I will have to I guess. The placement for the amp behind the rear seat is a great idea!!
  7. randomsandwhich

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    Well, I have bought JVC Head units and have had great success with them. As long as you stay out of the cheap market you won't be disappointed. For a budget system, I would get a new Head unit replace the factory speakers and install a bass tube (this would give you extra bass but in a small package).

    Crutchfield is a good place to buy, but I'm not a fan of there GM Modules (adapters). I think they are really cheaply designed. Although a bit expensive makes some really good stuff. But, you can get around using these adapters but would require additional wiring and loss of some audio features (door chime, onstar etc.).
  8. 1flyfisher

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    I specifically ordered my 2010 GMC Savana without any radio. It came with an antennae and crappy paper cone chinese speakers in the door. I picked it up on a Thursday and drove over to Best Buy to get some tunes going on Saturday. I couldn't wait. I am SOoooooooooo happy I didn't pay for the GM stereo crap and have an Alpine System.

    Head Units......I bought an Alpine ida-X303 from Best Buy. It was $199 I got it on sale for $169. I also got the SPS-600 speakers. The ida is an ipod/iphone, memory stick etc ready head unit. I believe it is being replaced by the ida-x305 which is like $350+. The only thing different or upgraded is the pandora feature built in, but I believe that you may be able to use pandora if you have an ipone and their app. They may have added another bell or whistle or two. Both of these units do not play cd's, there are no moving mechanical parts. I wanted this as my music is no longer in the form of cd's. I do not want to mess with cd's when I can put tons of music on a memory stick or ipod/phone etc. So I don't know what you want and how much you want to spend but check out these two units if you don't need a cd player.

    AMPS.....any head unit you get will not have enough juice to really play decently. I am not into loud music I am not a head banger or into rap but I like a decent volume and clarity. I did not want to add a true amp, due to cost and I didn't need that much and I didn't want all sorts of install costs and wires and such, and crap under seats. Alpine has this plug in amp called a Power pack which connects right to the back of the unit. It is PLENTY for me and really improves the overall sound, clarity and volume. With just a head unit it did not have enough power and loudness when I would be driving down the road with the windows open. The wind noise was drowning out my stereo. The Power Pack solved that problem and gives me enough loudness and it improved the overall clarity and sound. It is like $109 or whatever it is it is well worth it especially if you don't want to get into the whole amp install and crap under your seats and wires etc check out the Power pack. It installs in 15 minutes. Plugs right in. Hawaiikid has one too, you can quiz him about it if you like. I know he loves it because I asked him about it before i got mine.

    Here is my system>>>>
    That above system is with 4 speakers. That is the price with 4 Speakers not 2. I only have 2 speakers. So knock $100 off that price.

    Install........Next issue. Best Buy. They installed my alpine system and did a great job. EXCELLENT professional job. The dude knew his stuff backwards and forwards. I got free install because they were running a special where if you get speakers with a headunit they gave free install. They gave me free install with the amp which I added later while at the same time adding a Viper 350HV. So if you get more than one product talk to them and see if you can get free install.

    If you have any more questions send me a message.

    ....also you will likely need a wiring harness...

    good luck
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