Summer Vacation trips may have changed - Free timeshare for us

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    So we had planned to buy a trailer and go camping this summer ... but things have changed. It turns out that my wife's grandmother has a timeshare slot through RCI - don't get started on this, I'm new to timeshares, not necessarily a fan of them either, but we're going for free as it's already prepaid.

    So, since we're facing the fact that we have a free place to stay, I think we're going to hold-off on getting a trailer and instead take advantage of this. That means that we'll have to figure out where we are going. We're thinking of taking the Traverse down to Florida. From DFW we could get to Destin, Florida in maybe 12 hours of driving, stay there for a couple of days. Then drive to someplace like Orlando (or nearby there) and we can do all of the touristy things they have down there.

    There are some options that are opened up on the beach, but they're 20 hours from DFW, so not sure if I want to commit to that extra driving.

    Anyhow, the wife really wants to get a place booked so I guess I'll be posting in here again looking for hints from those of you in the Southeast. Dang there's a lot of timeshares down there.

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