sunroof in a silverado?

Discussion in 'Audio, Video & Gadget Tech' started by identityPRS, May 10, 2008.

  1. identityPRS

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    i am interseted in the possibility of putting a sunroof in my 04 silverado (regular cab). i know that its not going to be able to slide back due to the lack of space. i dont mind if its just the kind that pops up in the back. i want to stear clear of the vinal ones. dont care to much about those. does anyone have any info on sunroofs in a truck? if so, let me know. thanks!!
  2. ChevyFan

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    You want a full electric sunroof? Not sure about that in a regular cab. You could get an aftermarket one that just pops up, but it needs to be done by someone with experience ... I've seen a lot of these leak bad after just 24-36 months.

    I found a photo of what the complete power sunroof looks like, this is for a BMW, but it's the same concept.
  3. tbplus10

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    Like steve says have a shop install your new sunroof. Make sure its a reputable shop thats been around for a while, Ive seen many shops here today and gone tomorrow. This leads to warranty issues because the manufacturer wants all work done at the installing shop. The best price wont always be the best deal here.

    I've installed a few flip up sunroofs in the past and while they arent especially hard to install there are many steps to getting it right. Measurement is key along with careful cutting of the hole and careful disassembly of the interior. This is a project I've come to believe is best left to the professionals.

    There is a company selling low profile electric sunroofs that can be used in standard cab trucks, I forget the name but an internet search of sunroofs should yield results, the sunroof slides back but on the outside top, not on the inside like most electric sunroofs. I've seen a few on trucks they look ok and I havent heard of any water leaks. But keep in mind with any sunroof factory installed or otherwise water leaks are almost inevitable given enough time.
  4. Pete95Sierra

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    yea i know there are companies out there that sell them you just have to find them. I remember when stacy david still hosted TRUCKS! on the powerblock on spike he put one in project High Sierra which was an 01 GMC sierra I believe
  5. no0b123

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    You know... A sunroof is actually a really good idea! :happy:
    I hope you can find one, or what would be really cool is if you made one.
  6. 95CTburb19

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    I SAW THAT! that thing was awesome! It had that tan canvas cap for the back and the truck itself was red?

    I would have to agree I could see leaks happening very easily if it is not done professionally/really precisely.
  7. Pete95Sierra

    Pete95Sierra Epic Member 5+ Years ROTM Winner 1000 Posts

    yea it was sick...although i think it had pro comps :(
  8. AcousticHoney

    AcousticHoney New Member

    My friend put in his own sunroof that just pops up, measured the dimensions, cut a square, rounded off the corners. It fits great. I was even riding with him when it was raining, so he did a good job.

    The only problem I could think of is if you want that light at the top, or it would depend on how big and where you want to put your sunroof at.

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