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  1. trix

    trix New Member

    lets see i'm new to this forum. i'm 21, i have a 1990 c1500 regular cab short bed i'm bout to fix up into a street truck. if theres any question just ask!
  2. 84fiero123

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    cool welcome to the club


    Now put that info in your signature when you ask a question so we all know what you are asking about.

    Sorry welcome aboard.
  3. ChevyFan

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    Welcome to the site! The DFW members here are going to take over the whole site! :)
  4. trix

    trix New Member

    oh yeah dfw in the house!
  5. dwill3015

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    Welcome to the site!
  6. GWAGON_99

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    Here! Here! to DFW members! Welome aboard!
  7. Cableguy

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    Welcome trix, make sure to post pics of your progress. (I luv that style of truck tricked out...put it in da weeds)
  8. GM_Guy

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    welcome to the site from a kansas member :)
  9. quickzilverado

    quickzilverado Rockstar

    welcome to the site!
  10. TrailLeadr

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    Hey look, your car needs vitamins.

    I hate to hijack this thread, but since it was brought up already.
    This is the biggest load of malarkey I've heard to date:
    What this catalyst does, for our purposes, is to cause a change in what is called the "in-cylinder rate shaping" of the combustion. This, in turn, provides for a 30% increase in pressure on the down stroke of the piston, in a time frame slightly altered from a non-catalyzed state. This results in the improved performance.

    In order to change the cylinder's combustion chamber, and increase pressure by 30%, you would need to decrease the combustion chamber size from the typical 64cc to 46cc, that's an 18cc difference. (for a small block) from 118cc to 76.7cc, a 41cc difference (big block)
    That's something that they're "catalyst" cannot do. You'd had better luck taking your heads off, and welding a blob of steel into the center of the chamber. If I'm wrong, and they're describing a 30% increase in compression ratio, then you're talking a very high ratio, in the order of 10.4:1 from 8.0:1, which would be tough to pull off chemically. Even if it were possible, it would cause your engine to ping, which would force the person who's convinced that the tablets work to buy a higher octane gas to stop the pinging. Forget you guys who already have a high ratio in the order of 9.5:1, you'd be looking at a new ratio of 12.4:1, which would have you running racing fuel. Tell me where the savings would be.
    You'd actually get better results from the natural formation of carbon build up in your head.

    I don't see how they figure this can work. Another snake oil remedy if you ask me.

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