Supercharged or Turbo?

Discussion in 'Performance & Fuel' started by Black wolf, Aug 27, 2008.

  1. Black wolf

    Black wolf New Member

    I have recently bought a 91 Silverado 1500 and its a awsome truck[​IMG] After only a few weeks Im looking into buying some performance upgrades. My problem is deciding wheter to put a supercharger in it or a turbo kit [​IMG] Which is better on gas mileage?
  2. collinsperformance

    collinsperformance Epic Member 5+ Years 500 Posts

    both can be great add on. the blower runs off the motor and the turbo of something you are tossing away. i say add the turbo or go all out and add a twin turbo kit. ......and add pictures of the upgrade.....mike
  3. HankTheTank

    HankTheTank New Member

    i've always heard that superchargers hurt ur gas mileage some so i would have to recommend the turbo... and if that's the road you take lemme know what you get, i maybe interested in adding one to my 90' burb lol
  4. zippy

    zippy Rockstar 100 Posts

    It's simple, they both eat gas:
    More boost = more power = more fuel burned = less MPG.
    Less boost = less power = less fuel burned = more MPG. ​

    An exhaust driven turbo can vary boost by controlling the waste gate/s. You can keep the gate/s open until the TPS gives a serious signal to haulass. Put your foot in it and away you go. A supercharger is always on, I guess you could add a waste gate, but you'll still have the parasitic drain of the compressor on the belt drive. In that respect a turbo would give better MPG

    I've always thought, variable boost on a small engine would give better MPG than DOD on a big one. I suspect DOD is way is cheaper to produce, that's why GM went that way. A variable boost twin turbo 283 could be an interesting set up for the economy minded with an occasional lead foot. Does the new supercharged ZR1 'Vette have variable boost -- and, if it does, how do they do it?
  5. FireRed

    FireRed Rockstar 100 Posts

    Which way to go needs some thought, Turbos and Prochargers are great for top end but provide very little gruntbelow 3000 where most of the work is done. If you can keep your foot out of the pump the fuel mileage does not suffer much. Me I would be thinking Whipple, it fits under the hood is a ton easier to install and provides great punch.
  6. Black wolf

    Black wolf New Member


    Hey thanks guys. Ive got a buddy who put a turbo in his car and it cut his gas mileage in HALF for 35 to16:rofl: also he said it gets really hot I think Ill try a smaller supercharger. His puts out 30 pboost. heres my truck and my dads

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  7. crane3447

    crane3447 Rockstar 100 Posts

    Thanks for posting this question. I have been thinking about the same thing for my '04. The fuel thing is not really my issue. I use mine sometimes to tow stuff. I'm wondering if I'll still be able to tow.

    To much power?

    Wheel spin anyone?
  8. Black wolf

    Black wolf New Member

    Yeah i only care cause its costing me a 100 a pop and i dont use 87 91 buddy eventually it be a drag racer for our local track:great:[​IMG] Ill probably put twin superchargers on then.
  9. collinsperformance

    collinsperformance Epic Member 5+ Years 500 Posts

    eather will still allow you to tow fine just watch the skinny pedal....most trucks (simi---or work) have turbos....mike
  10. scooterpie555

    scooterpie555 New Member

    For towing, I'd go with the supercharger! I've had both! and the super charger has a lot of low end immediate power, or always there, push the pedal away you go. Turbo, you can have a lot more power, but with towing, you have to wait for the turbo to spool for the power. So if your towing something heavy, i.e. and 24ft boat that weighs almost 9K lbs. when pulling out of the water up a steep ramp, you want the supercharger. Take it from experience~~! Turbo is nice but also in traffic, stop and go, supercharger has the power there for you for the taking. Highway miles, turbo is nice, as it has the high end power. Just my $.02.

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