supercharger or turbo?????

Discussion in 'Chevy Truck Accessories' started by bowler635, Nov 25, 2009.

  1. bowler635

    bowler635 New Member

    i dont know what to do...supercharger or turbo....i know that with supercharger there is no lag it is indstant power compared to turbo you have lag...i just want to know what one will give me the most power, which on maybe a little easier on the pocket book, and most reliable...anything helps
  2. cliff334

    cliff334 Member

    have u ever looked up the STS remote mount turbo systems? they claim to have little to no lag and have good reviews
  3. 95Chevyk1500

    95Chevyk1500 Rockstar 100 Posts

    super chargers rob power before they give u more because it uses engine power to operate. I'd go turbo
  4. Nickw059

    Nickw059 Member

    Have you tried looking at prochargers?? I haven't heard anything bad about them, and i'm considering getting one
  5. Mr Dragon

    Mr Dragon Rockstar


    I have a performance Mustang and although I dont have a power adder, 95% of those guys that do are using Super Chargers. Vortech makes a good one and is very reliable. Kenne Bell is probably the most popular because of the costs. The Ford Lightnings all run SC.
  6. shakin

    shakin New Member

    I understand why you feel this way, but it is the wrong way to think. If you start with 300hp. Then add a supercharger, you end up with more power. Plain and simple. So you didnt give anything up to get the gain. You just gained.

    Beside, most turbo kits that i have seen cost near or more than a supercharger kit and give the same or less HP. Go with a supercharger. I plan to do that on almost the same truck.
  7. joemumford1

    joemumford1 New Member

    get a procharger or magnuson they have a very high output
  8. rotaryenginepete

    rotaryenginepete Rockstar ROTM Winner 100 Posts

    if you get a decent turbo, the newer ones these days are engineered with better bearings and have almost no lag. also as cliff334 above mentioned, STS turboes are awesome. they are great quality, easy to install, generate more power on average per lb of boost, and they cost less. superchargers are good too, but i would prefer a turbo because they don't drag on your engine/pulleys and they are more efficient at making power. also, if you go turbo with a mild amount of boost, and fix up your engine with turbo specific performance parts like intercooler, cylinder heads, and cams your engine will make plenty of powerand last a whole lot longer
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  9. 2ToNe04

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    lol @ lag

    I dont wanna sound like a meani, but you need some more research. Before you go turbo/charger are you sure your trans will hold up to that power output?

    Engine specs?

    There is a really big difference in a supercharger and a turbo.

    if you go with a supercharger i would look into magnachargers.
  10. Dr Len

    Dr Len Rockstar 100 Posts

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