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Discussion in 'Performance & Fuel' started by heavy chevy, Feb 21, 2009.

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    How much does that cost?
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    To be honest with you i really like the superchips but i wish i would have got the edge. The only reason i went with the superchips is because it gives you a 2 year power train warranty. The superchips is supposed to give you 18 to 28 hp. The edge boast that they give 30 to 40. I am going to find out though. If fixn to buy the edge to just to see. You get 30 days to try it if you dont like it send it back. I really want to get this thing on a dyno just to see if it gave me the power it said. The programer has a 1/4 mile time calculator on it and it says that i am running a 15.3 at 95 and 0-60 in 6.71 so i dont know the real proof will be in the dyno and at the track. I have a buddie that has the edge and he said his is calculated a 14.2 at 96. It is hard to tell till you take it to the track tho. It is hard to believe that he has got me by a whole second and we have the same truck. Oh and might I add his is ext cab mine is reg cab. He has 22s and i got 20s so i dont know.
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    I got the top of the line cortex for 388.00 and free next day delivery. I will say that the superchips is better than the hypertech. A buddie of mine has the hyper and he hates it. He is telling me if i like the edge more than the superchip that he will give me what i paid for the superchip.
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    I have a question about the custom tuned PTM your looking at, first off is your truck still under warranty? If so I am curious what will happen when you have to have it hooked up to a diagnostic machine in the future, because I thought that was the point of a handheld tuner in being that you could return it back to stock at the push of a button. I read a thread on about the black bear tuned PTM's, and they said in the case of having a check engine light come on you would have to e-mail them and they would send you the necessary cable that is required to set it back to stock. My problem with this is you have to wait 2-3 business days, and then you have to have a laptop to be able to run the software to return it back to normal. The last thing is most of the guys were asked what power gains they received, and most of them said they got between 30-40 horsepower. I was just curious about that part, and I am not putting you down don't take it that way. Thanks for any clarification in the future............AMY

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