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    I used this on my 04 Tahoe, but it works on a lot of different models. If you want to know if it works on your model, just let me know and I'll look it up on their site.

    Here is my quick review....

    Is a custom tune going to be better, of course. It doesn't really matter the programmer or vehicle, a custom tune is always going to be better.
    Did you "feel" an increase in performance? On the 87 octane tune, no...but the throttle response was noticeably better. The 93 octane tune I did notice quite a bit more power actually, from a dead stop and on the interstate. The economy mode I noticed quite a bit of difference as well, it was much slower from a dead stop and I did gain a bit of increased fuel economy.

    The transmission tune was quite nice with not only the gear change firmness, but also holding until redline.

    Being able to check CEL's and get rid of them was also nice. I never used any other functions, but it can do a lot.

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    $200 shipped CONUS via USPS 2-3 day w/tracking

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