Superchips Programer in 6.0, not good so far

Discussion in 'Performance & Fuel' started by CHEVYBOAT, Feb 25, 2008.


    CHEVYBOAT New Member

    Hey guys, been reading the site for a few weeks now, made a few upgrades recently on my truck, added BFG 265/75s, bought the Superchips to fix the tire size (which worked great once I played with it for a few tries). But my Gas Mileage is not doing any better at all, I lost about 1.5mpg on the hwy, granted the bigger tires will take more power to move (vs the stock 245s) but 1.5MPG worth? I switched back from the 87 Octane mode (i was losing almost 2.5mpg in that setting) so Im now in stock w/options mode (tires only).

    Anybody had some not so good experience with this Super Chips FlashPaq? Today I installed a K&N 57 series intake, havent really ran it hard enough to see much difference, but I have noticed a quicker responce on the throttle.

    I got a Gibson side swept on order too.....but after looking at the exhaust today, I dont see how in the world it can be cat back only, AND be a "true" bolt on as stated in the add.....the only bolts on my system are BEHIND the Im wondering whats gonna be in the package.

    Thanks for any info.
  2. finalday7

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    Hey, sorry to hear your not having much luck with your superchips. When I put on 32" tires, like you, I lost about 2 mpg. I went from about 13.8-11.8. I bought the Hypertech Max Energy and went up to about 14.6, roughly 3mpg increase. You can check to see if superchips has a return policy or maybe check to see if you could sell it. I love mine.

    As far as the exhuast goes, it may come with aftermarket hangers to bolt up too, i'm not sure.

    CHEVYBOAT New Member

    Thanks for the tip on the hypertech, I bought the superchips, gibson side swept & K&N 57series intake from, they said i have 30 days to return the superchips if I dont like it, I might check into that Hypertech, what kind of settings does it have? Which one did you chose for that increase in economy?

    BTW, that K&N made a very notable change in acceleration, not so sure about MPG though. Gibson should be here next week.

    Thanks again
  4. finalday7

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    The Hypertech comes with two settings. 87 octane ( geared more for economy but I noticed a great improvement in acceleration across the board) and 93 octane ( haven't had a chance to run it yet but I will very soon). I'm glad to hear the K&N is working good for you and I didn't even know the 57 series was available for the newer trucks. I plan on going with the 63 series.

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