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  1. heavy chevy

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    I know some people are gonna get mad at me for saying this but. Superchips suxxxxxx so bad. I hate this programer soooooo much. I virtually gave me no performance gains. My truck runs better in stock form than it does on the performance mode. It helps me on gas but not the performance end. I have been on the phone with them for 2 weeks and they keep saying the same thing it isnt the tuner. It is the tuner and i am not stupid. They told me because i have 20s on my truck that is why it is doing better in stock. What a joke I paid over 400 for this tuner to feel some power. I told them that my truck is running to rich with the tune on and they said that there was no way. MY tail pipe is solid black and that is because it is getting to much fuel.

    There are some good things about the tuner tho. It is the cortex so it is multi vehicle tunes. They also told me that it would give me 18 hp and 20tourque. I have a intake and exhost so i should have got at least a 30 hp gain. Superchips told me it doesent work that way. That all i would get was the 18 period. If i had the money for a dyno run i would prove that i didnt even get 5 hp from the tune. And then i would shuv this tuner up there blank blank blank. Beware superchip is a joke and there customer service suxxxx. No matter what there right and you are wrong and they dont wana own up to there tune isnt what they say it is. Dont get this tuner unless you want to save on gas because that is all your going to do. If you want power go with Diablo or the edge. I want to get a Superchips suxxxx campain going. An please dont take offense to this they have just done me dirty.:grrrrrr::grrrrrr::grrrrrr::grrrrrr:
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    That's fine that you feel this way, and you have posted some data to support what you're saying, but I'm moving this to the reviews section. People can feel free to add in their 2 cents and I think there is a SuperChips guy who comes to the site too.
  3. heavy chevy

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    Thanks for getting me to the right spot. I just had high hopes for superchips and they really dissapointed me. I kinda hurts my feelings that i am so dissapointed. Other tuners are willing to help there customers.
  4. silveradotrailblazer

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    Hello Heavychevy, sorry about your programmer. When I was working at a truck customizing shop we found the same to be true. We had problems also with Hypertech, customers complained that there trucks ran better with stock tune. I believe Superchips has a return policy, so the place you purchased from should give you a refund. Ive said on other post that we switched to Diablo programmers and loved them. Ive tried all the tuners in my truck and the Diablo was best. Diablos 87 octane tune ran better than the others 93octane tune. Hope you can get your money back and buy a Diablo. Unfortuately theres alot of turds out there, and unless you are involved in the trade you just dont know. Hope things work out for you.:lol:
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    This is exactly the reason I buy what I feel I get the most for my money, I bought my Hyperpac because of all of the extra's it has not the performance stuff. I look at it this way, I have a portable dyno..........priceless. diagnostic tool $100-$200, the capability to keep track of all of my engine upgrades........priceless

    What I am trying to say is buy what you want to buy, not what everyone else tells you. Everybody and their brother told me not to buy the Hyperpac because it was too much money $499, but you know what I have had more enjoyment out of it than anything that I have ever bought like that. It's funny because every show I go to they always want me to give them a demonstration of how it works, and people just love the idea until I tell them the price and then they thank me and walk away! :lol:
  6. heavy chevy

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    I bought strait from superchips and i plan on talking to them about a return. If i cant return this paperweight ill sell it for 380 plus shipping i paid well over 400 for it.
  7. cascott325

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    i and wanting to get a tuner, and have set my heart to the diablo. i coworker bought a superchip programmer for his dodge hemi and he lost gas mileage in the economy tune, lost power, torque... i do agree, superchip suxx testicles
  8. brownpridex111

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    i just got the edge evolution for 349.00 in ebay i made deal with the seller is new, if does everyting as described i think thats gonna be too much hp for me:lol: what i like about that its gonna look like is from factory with the custom pod

    • Up to 40 HP and 38 ft. lbs. of torque
    • Installs in minutes with no tools needed
    • Includes a custom pod that makes the unit look factory installed
    • Choose from four different power levels and display a host of vehicle parameters

    Level 1: Transmission Only
    Level 2: Fuel Economy
    Level 3: Towing
    Level 4: Extreme
    • Internet updatable
    • Does 0-60 and Quarter mile performance tests with the drag strip Christmas tree lighting and reaction times

    • Adjustable color screen
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  9. TRPLXL2

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    Damn now that Edge Evolution has all the same stuff as mine does, except the pod that is! My screen mounts either on the windshield, or I have it on the back of my sun visor right now with the wires ran behind the windshield pillar down across the top of the dash and I have it coming out by the cigarette lighter port. I can tell you without seeing it that you will be happy with the 1/4 time, and the christmas tree mode. I am impressed with the different tuning levels though, that reminds me of the Banks 6 gun tuner for the diesels! Very nice setup BrownPrideX111 :great:
  10. dwill3015

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    Great feedback!

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