suspension lift or body lift?

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  1. Neverenough896

    Neverenough896 New Member

    i want to get some type of lift. but im nto sure what to buy. my main concerms are money and install. it has to be soemthing i can do in my driveway.

    here is a current picutre of my ride.


    here are the options i been finding.
    HUSKY SPRING Part # 069309 {Lift Block Set}
    Rear; 3" Cast Iron Lift Block Set$55.89$0.00$55.89

    above is a 3 iin rear lift block. from rockauto parts catalog.
    my questions are is this possible to install myself? and am i going to run into any problem with extension of certains things like gas tank filler or rear bumper brackets? or does it jsut lift up everything?
    with the rear lift blocks mentioned aboved.. i can get a front leveling kit
    this leveling kit will get me 3 inches in the front. so i will have a 3 inch rear lfit and a 3 inch front lift.

    for a total cost of bout 120 bucks.


    another option is just a plain body lift from summit. total of 300 bucks about and a 210 step install which i am not to physched about. also i heard some people run into problems with harnesses and wires being streched out from a body lift. and this is soemthing i can def do myself?

    another option is a 2 in suspension lift
    this will run ,me about 200 bucks? can i do this myself? is it easy?

    below here i have a link to a "truxx" suspension lift. 300 bucks for a 3 in suspension lift. from autoanything. seems about the same two things that i lsited seperatly in the beginning.. except for twice as much? cause its name brand?
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  2. pmartin816

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    If you have the money and the know how definitely go with the suspension. It upgrades everything. The blocks and the leveling kit is probably the next best, and no you don't have to worry about any of the gas tanks or anything. It just places a larger block between the axle and the leaf spring giving you more lift. With the body lift you will have a gap between your bumper and body of the truck but I'm not sure about the gas tank. Maybe somebody else can help with that.
  3. Neverenough896

    Neverenough896 New Member

    the 2 in suspension lift from suspension connection will only give me 2 inches at the cost of 200 bucks.
    (inc. level keys and "add-a-leaf")

    if i were to buy seperate...

    the leveling keys (50$) and the rear lift blocks (60$) will give me 3 inch lift in the front and back at the cost of 110 bucks. give or take.

    both of those are suspension lift.

    100 dollars more for the name brand?
  4. Pete95Sierra

    Pete95Sierra Epic Member 5+ Years ROTM Winner 1000 Posts

    I personally would go with the Tuff Country kit since it comes with shocks. I had a body lift on my truck and it wasnt worth it in my opinion. If I were to do it again I would of definitely done a suspension lift. A lot of these smaller kits I dont think were around 5 years ago when I got my body lift for my truck, that or i didnt see them.

    Body lifts require gas filler extensions, steering shaft extension, and bumper brackets. Suspension lifts do not need any of this unless you go over 3" then extended brake lines will be necessary.

    Here is another option for 189 bucks from rough country. The leveling keys, shocks, and rear block kit (good for 2-3") are all included for that price (so it seems, look all the way at bottom of page.) Rough Country makes some decent stuff, however, I would invest in a better set of shocks and just sell the ones they give you or just use them for a bit then junk em. you would be amazed at how much a good set of shocks does to your trucks ride and control. I would recommend Rancho RS900XL or Bilstein 5100 series.

    Hope this helps!!

    Oh one more thing. I personally don't trust truck parts/lifts from ebay. I just wouldnt feel like I was getting a quality part and my life isnt worth saving 50 bucks. From my experience with lifts, shocks, etc, you get what you pay for.
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  5. Neverenough896

    Neverenough896 New Member

    how much does it cost to install shocks, if you go to a shop with them.

    you can do it yourself, it is very easy to do. I bet if you were to take it to a shop it would be only maybe an hour of work. All you have to do is unbolt the old ones and bolt the new ones right up.
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  6. Neverenough896

    Neverenough896 New Member

    that 2 inch suspension lfit from rough country is nice.. will come to a total of about 230 dollars.
    comes with 4 shocks, leveling keys, and rear blocks and u bolts.

    arent new shocks not neccesary, on a lot fo these two inch suspenion lifts i have been looking at is says that the shocks aren't necesary. and you can use the stock ones.

    so in theory.. i can buy blocks for 60 and keys for 50. and u-bolts for 30. thats a total of 140. so i would be apying an extra 90 bucks for a name brand lift kit and new shocks..

    maybe it is worth it.
  7. ajfdirtrider

    ajfdirtrider Rockstar

    I personally went with 3" rough country keys and 4" rear blocks and u-bolts, and Rough Country Nitro 9000 shocks. The reason i went with the 4" blocks is because you remove the stock 2" block and if you only had a 3" block you would only be getting a 1" lift. It is fine with some people but i wanted more lift in the back so i bought the 4" blocks for the the back giving me a final 3" front lift and a 2" rear lift. Here is a picture if you want a reference. And it was very easy to intall. I did it in my drive way.


    Hope this helps in your decision!
  8. Neverenough896

    Neverenough896 New Member

    if the kit comes with two inch blocks. and you already ahve two inch blocks on your truck? cant you jsut stack them for a total for 4 inches, and 2 inches high the stock?
  9. Big_Ben

    Big_Ben Rockstar 100 Posts

    I never realized there were such cheap and easy installation options. I always knew suspension lifts to be $1000+ if installed by a shop and at least $500 or more just for the kit. I guess I was always just looking at 3" - 6" kits...

    Here's a question - necessary to upgrade wheel size with a 3" lift (will it look weird if one didn't)? Current size: 265/70/R17
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  10. adampaul1964

    adampaul1964 Epic Member 5+ Years ROTM Winner 1000 Posts

    First thing you need to decide is, do you want to level your truck or raise it and keep the factory rake.(factory rake meaning "nose heavy look")
    The 2" kit you mentioned is going to raise the front and rear by 2"
    By just adding keys to the front you can gain up to 3" which brings the front even with the rear, the only problem is that although the truck measures level, it doesn't always look level. ( rear end squat)
    So then you have to bring the rear up some to compensate, which means lift blocks or add-a-leaves.
    Lift blocks are the easiest and will maintain the factory ride, add-a-leaves will make the ride stiffer.
    The kits that offer shocks for$189 are not going to be selling quality shocks for that price.( I live by the old adage "you get what you pay for") So that brings up the question of how much are you willing to spend? Based on your post, it doesn't sound like much, It sounds like you want to buy the cheapest stuff out there and want us to chime in and say "yeah , that's the way to go"
    The only thing we can really do is give recommendations based on experience, so here is mine,
    Pro- Comp torsion keys $170 from Stylin' concepts and 3" lift blocks with U- bolts from Fat Bobs garage $109 (3" block replaces 2" factory block)for 3" lift in front and 1.25" lift in rear which gives the truck a slight rake but a very noticable lift. All of which I did in my driveway. I didn't get new shocks because on a half ton truck with 3" of lift they aren't necessary.If you need more info don't hesitate to ask that's what we're here for.:glasses:
    The keys are on sale now for $114!! Here's a link:

    And a link to Fat Bob's :

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