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  1. hey my name is john glaviano i have a 09 silverado z71 with a 7.5 rough country lift with a 3 inch body on 20" boss motorsport rims and 37" nitto mud grapplers they dont rub but i was wondering if i could also put the rough country 2 inch leveling kit with it without and alignment issues are puttin anything in a bind i would apprieciate the help alot!!! THANKS
  2. Rockstarrchevy81

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    Hey man i have the Rough Country 7.5 inch lift also it is basically the 5 inch lift with a bigger 6.5 inch block in the rear and 2.5 coil spacer in the front which is the same thing used in a leveling kit! I wouldn't recommend adding one and really don't have allot of room to add one since 2.5 inch coil spacer is maxing it out and you will have some problems down the road adding even more too it and it will ride like **** to be honest. I plan on adding a 1.5 Zone body lift to run 35 13.50's because 37's on 1500's put allot of strain on the suspension and everything and will put even more wear and tear just my 2 Cents.
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    Mixing lift kits to gain more height is always a bad idea, it normally leads to broken parts or worse.
    Since you've already put a 7.5" lift most of your remaining factory suspension parts are operating at their limits, your CV shafts and driveshafts probably have very little room left to stretch out when you start flexing the truck, go much farther and I'm willing to bet your truck will start spitting parts out like a pez dispenser.
    I've seen lifted trucks engineered so poorly that with 7 or 8"s of lift they couldnt climb a curb at the mall without spitting out the driveshaft or front CV's, not a pretty site if your the driver and theirs lots of witnesses around.
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    The RC 7.5" is completely maxed out, so the simple answer is NO.
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    X2, don't mix kits!
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    Well man there's your answer lol! I explained everything about the RCX 7.5 lift kit you should be good runningthe lift a 3 inch body lift so you have 10.5 inches plus tires make it even higher only want you really can get more lift is if you get the Bulletproof suspension and etc. but will cost you like 5 grand for everything they are like 12 inch lifts and so are bigger than that! Then after that you can probably add a body lift but you better have some money saved up lol!:money:
  7. thanks for the help it high enough for me just was wondering
  8. Rockstarrchevy81

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    Alright man no prob.
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    Any pics? Got the same year truck and wanted to do the same. Thanks!
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    He had 5 posts and this thread is 3 years old. Just google NNBS with 10" of lift.

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