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Discussion in 'Lifted & Offroad Suspension' started by fala21, Feb 22, 2011.

  1. fala21

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    Well i figured i would bit the bullet and look for a basic 6 inch suspension lift. I have a 99 Silverado 1500 4WD 5.3L with a 3 inch body lift. I cant afford to buy the lift all at the same time so i will have to buy it one part at a time. I need you guys to tell me exactly what i need for the suspension lift and the best place to get parts. If you guys could throw me some info i would greatly appreciate it! thanks!
  2. silveradotrailblazer

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    Suspension lift manufactures and retailers will NOT sell one piece at a time. Its hard to get them to sell a part to replace a damaged piece. When we had to buy just a replacement part it was like pulling teeth. Also it will cost you at least twice as much buying one part at a time.
  3. jwco5.3

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  4. brownboyz71

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    I would strongly recommend saving up and buying the entire lift as a package. You'll end up saving a ton of cash. Also, refrain from buying used lift components. I know some people will strongly disagree with me, but I have never had luck buying second hand lift components other than parts that aren't wear items. Another option is to become really good friends with a quality fabricator. Piecing together a truly custom lift can be a lot of fun, but you can quickly find yourself in a lot of trouble if you don't have someone with experience helping you along the way. Good luck with the lift man. Remember to post pics when you make a decision.
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    You have to buy the lift kit it's self. You can't really just buy a part at a time. Some companys (BDS for example) will sell you a few things if they break (End links and such) but they will not sell you part by part.

    Save up your money if your content with getting a lift kit. Or find a lift from someone that either took their's out, or went SFA. Or better yet, go SFA yourself. You could then go part by part.
  6. IPFK83

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    I would just save the money and buy a lift kit instead of trying to piece one together.
  7. J_chevyman

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    If i were you i would save and get one new, I got lucky on mine and got it used off a guy that was moving out of the country and was selling it for $300. He only had it for like 5 months, i got new ball joints and upgraded shocks, check craigslist... just make sure u see theres no cracks on any parts and replace the parts that get worn out the most like shocks and any kind of ball joints
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    I agree save up the cash ha.

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