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Discussion in 'Lifted & Offroad Suspension' started by silverado_TN, Nov 17, 2008.

  1. silverado_TN

    silverado_TN New Member

    hi everyone, i already asked this in the silverado section with no response then i realized it belongs here lol. i have a 2000 2wd 1500 shortbed reg cab silverado. i was trying to decide to lift or to lower and went out to measure my truck to get an idea of what im looking at when i discovered that my truck sits 7/8" lower on the driver front than on the pass front. its also a little lower(9/16") on the driver rear than the pass rear. at first i thought busted shock? but then i got to looking on the net and found that a site called has spring sets designed to correct trucks that lean 1/2"-7/8" low on the driver front? now this makes me believe its common considering about 4 manufactures were listed and for sale including GM. does anyone know about this or heard of it? 98% decided that i will lift my truck 2"-3" in the front rather than lower it but id like to sort this out first. any help would be appreciated.........
  2. retired

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    I think if you gonna lift a 2wd truck you should put a 6 inch lift kit on it.
  3. tlperry68

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    I know that often it is the bed that is tweaked out of position relative to the cab but I don't know about driver / passanger elevation comparision.
    Lift always looks better than lowering. I still can't figure out why my two of my buddies have lowered their trucks. They can't even pull into a parking lot without scraping the frame.
  4. silverado_TN

    silverado_TN New Member

    tlperry, yeah i know what you mean i had a v8 ranger for a while i got from my brother that was lowered and i actually got it stuck on a curb once lmao. craziest thing you ever seen. i wasnt going to really lower i was gonna just drop the back to level it. but since ive decided to lift the front no worries. im thinking the back of the truck is fine i think the back driver side is lower because the driver front is so low. 7/8" is quite a bit of difference. im just gonna have to assume that this was a factory problem on some trucks because of the fact you can buy spring kits to correct it. im thinking buying the springs to get it level along with 2" or 21/2" coil spacers for the front i might then need to raise the rear an inch or so to level it. not sure yet. id rather have the spindles but they are kinda pricey...........thanks for all the advice everyone......
  5. choo

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    I've never walked around measuring each corner of my truck myself but 9/16-7/8 can't be noticeable just looking at it . I did have a 93 reg. cab stepside that had bad body bushings and the back of the cab sat 2" lower than the bed ,very noticeable from the side. If you plan on putting in a new suspension on anyways it shouldn't really matter.

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