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    I was wanting to know what would be good things to replace in my suspension for my truck. It is a 1989 chevy 2500 4x4, and the suspension is all original from what I can gather except for the front shocks which were last replaced at least 5 years ago, and the rear shocks, which i replaced about a month ago, and the truck has started making a lot of noise whenever the front suspension goes over the smallest bump or into the smallest dip in the road, so I was wondering what are some things that would benefit from being replaced at this point? And the body of the truck including the suspension as far as I know has a lot of miles since the odometer on the truck broke at 269,524.5. Any suggestions/help would be appreciated. Also, what would be the cheapest way to get a lift on the truck? Or, by looking at my pics, does anyone think I could fit 35x12.5s on my truck as it sits now? It currently has 32" tires I was told. The tires say 265/70R17, so im not sure. Thanks.

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    Most likely all the suspension and body mount bushings are shot, there over 20 years old. I would start with the body mounts, upper&lower control arm bushings, leaf spring bushings and then check/replace the balljoints, idler arm, pitman arm, inner&outter tie rod ends etc.

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    You need at least a 4" lift on your year truck to fit 35's.
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    You're right, all the bushings in the front suspension are completely shot, gonna be around $80-90 to fix it. But thanks for the start on what to check.
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    Just remember that once you replace everything especially all of those suspension parts to get your front end aligned or all the money will go to waste.
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    Yeah, it needs an alignment anyway because the previous ownercranked up the torsion bars I believe so its not aligned correctly, so good timing for me to replace the bushings lol
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    yep to both of those

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