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  1. tvmandave

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    I have an 08 Z71 silverado. Experiencing a choppiness or bouncy effect going down the road or even braking over small bumps . Rotors have been turned and dont notice it braking over smooth road. Yes its a truck and I realize Z71 is stiffer but surely something can help. The dealer says the shocks are the softer ones and they have put bigger chassis mounts on which helped after hitting bumps but still this truck can ride smoother. Are the springs too stiff? Do I need diff shocks? Any advice is appreciated!
  2. lerbud

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    check your tire pressure. i bet its too high.
  3. tvmandave

    tvmandave New Member

    pressure starts off bout 34 in the am and goes to bout 38 in the pm.Dealer did a spin test in which the tires failed so they have put new ones on and I got the same thing
  4. azdrtdog

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    check you down travel. torsions might be a little tight ONE FAT THUMB between arm and drop stops at least shocks make ya sea sick when bad and loose tierods/balljoints click/clack
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