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Discussion in 'General Chevy & GM Tech Questions' started by wildcatkit52, Feb 8, 2012.

  1. wildcatkit52

    wildcatkit52 New Member

    Hey. I found this forum through Google while trying to find information on 454 swap into my 2 door hoe. Imagine my surprise seeing one with SAS, also a plan of mine. If you can could you give me a few pointers on things to hold me up on both swaps? My hoe has been sitting since I got stuck in a deep hole and both engine and tranny didn't make it...

    I thought of sticking in my 383 or another 350 I have but would rather have the 454 torque and bigger Trans to hold up to the SAS in the sticks.

    I might even go with a 500 CAD with EFI added if I find it will fit and electronics don't kill the idea.
  2. azdrtdog

    azdrtdog Epic Member 5+ Years 100 Posts

    Hey sorry i just saw your ?. The swap is very simple if you have a complete donor truck, If tearing your motor,trans,transfercase,wiring harness,fuel lines,tranny lines,radiator,A/C lines,throttle cable, AND etc. can be considered simple. I am acually getting ready to do it agian on my 96 rcsb but this time im looking for 650 hp. at the back tires so this motor gets a huge build first. My next move on the hoe is a cummings and im redoing tha SAS and going radius arm on the front with coils. So hindsight 20/20 I would probly get a rolled 2500 dodge diesel and use the axles as well as the cummings/trans/transfercase
  3. wildcatkit52

    wildcatkit52 New Member

    I'd love to have diesel but not the weight! That's why I'd like to use the Caddy engine. More cubes and torque but less weight. The biggest issue there is WAY more work making it fit compared to a TBI 454 and tranny and even more setting up a passible EFI on it. Got my eye on a 454 dually...

    On the diesel side, my neighbor has a M1009 that he's had for not yet a year I think. It is now just sitting there asking me daily to see what he'll trade it for. I have a new set of springs that would go right on it and any extra engine I have would go in it if the engine is bad.
  4. azdrtdog

    azdrtdog Epic Member 5+ Years 100 Posts

    OK this old thread just got relevant agian, To be honest the caddie idea is bad all bad and I only say that becuase it really is a status thing. I know there is some guy building race caddie 500's, but be honest unless your putting escalade body work on yor hoe its not practicle. And it is probly within 100lbs. of a cummings and will never touch the mileage and when you turn up the cummings it will definetly out torque and be more reliable at that level. NOW THIS IS A GM FORUM and we should be talking D-MAX but I cant afford one and the after market is just now really catching up with stand alones.So Agian from a man with a SAS,vortech L-29 454 99' 2DR. Hoe.......... If I was to do it AGIAN I would do a diesel conversion with radius arms and coils not leaf
  5. wildcatkit52

    wildcatkit52 New Member

    A few things there...

    Cadillac IS a GM.
    Properly Trimmed 500 is good for easy 500hp and 600+ ft lbs tq.
    Cheaper than a diesel all the way around.
    Lighter than a 454. In fact only 75lbs more than a SBC.
    Best reason is that I have one and access to more.

    The only issue I have is I do t want to run a carb and a TBI isn't a good system even on a 454...

    The only other reason I'd go 454 is I have access to an engine still in the truck with about 20k on the engine and only about 5k on the Trans...
    The rest of that truck can be used for parts for another dually I gave my dad to use on the farm.

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    Oh, as far as mileage, the caddy is great there. It's a more efficient engine than the 454. It is hurting only in lack of modern technology like MPFI... Nowadays it is easier with aftermarket support and ease of tuning ability. (still easier and cheaper than a diesel swap)

    Putting a Dmax would be nice but for the power adder plumbing, weight, and cost. Off road that much weight can be a nightmare compared to something MUCH lighter. That is coming from someone who just got out of his diesel truck! Front ends like to SINK with a diesel above them!

    I COMPLETELY agree with the radius arms and coil springs being better for the front AND the rear! I might look at that in the future if my off-road adventures move beyond the parts I have around for the swap now...
  6. azdrtdog

    azdrtdog Epic Member 5+ Years 100 Posts

    I think you #'s are all dreams and best case. bottom line if caddy motors were so light and powerful and efficient that would be worth more then the price of scrap, But there not and nobody in there right mind would touch one (what is the bell housing on that anyway) thats like building a piece of **** olds 455 to go fast........ WHY???? get in the main stream why do you think 454's are so popular, Because there are a billion parts both new and used. So build yor caddy and when it spits a stock rod out the side of that light weight block trying to keep pace with a 7,000 rpm small block dont worry becuase you have more of them with stock cranks and stock rods and 2 bolt mains GOOD LUCK. I'll stick to my plentiful MPI gen6. And how is a 70's cadi head better then a vortech head? because GM might have missed that
  7. Boonduff

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    Wow, what's with the hostility? The man just has a different idea then you do, and was trying to state his reasoning behind it. There was no need to jump all over him.
  8. azdrtdog

    azdrtdog Epic Member 5+ Years 100 Posts

    Hostility is if i said shut up stupid in the begining... BUT I DID NOT so I instead broadened my knowledge on CADDI motors buy first going to wikipedia.......AND guess what starting in 70' with a compression ratio of 10:1 it made an astounding 400hp. @4400rpm and 550ft @3000rpm Then they dropped the compression in 71' to8.5:1 guess what 235hp.@4400 and 500ft@2800 then it continues to peter off until 76' when they finally put it out of it misery with 190hp and 360ft@2800rpm. God that really sucks I think we called that the gen5 in BBC land. But then I go to CRANKSHAFT COALITION .com becuase they hit on the perf. search AND GUESS WHAT do dont guess cause im gunna tell you!!!! they built and tweaked and offset ground the crank and did DYNO after DYNO and here it comes 549ftlbs@3200 dropping to 502ft@4600 and 442hp@4500rpm dropping to 438@5100rpm. noting that stock caddi rods fail at 5000 so BBC rods were in the motor at the time. So do i really have to say it???????????? And the complete build can be seen if you go to ALL ARTICLES then scroll down till you see HOPPING UP THE 500 CADILLAC it has not been edited since 09' so dont go putting yor false numbers in there wild kit kat SO should I go get MPG #'s next or we done here ?????
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  9. wildcatkit52

    wildcatkit52 New Member

    Nevermind. I'll go ask someplace else... I didn't know you where a engine expert AND a 12 year old! Great way to take the topic... Enjoy the simple world inside your own single brand loyal mind!

    ...OR get back on topic and talk about your 454 swap! LOL!

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    What was the rating on a vortec 454 again? How does that compare to a 1970 Cadillac engine? No... A 1970 Cadillac engine at scrap prices as you pointed out? Broad torque range just sucks for off roading right? I need a 7k RPM SBC for that, huh?
  10. azdrtdog

    azdrtdog Epic Member 5+ Years 100 Posts

    Go ask someplace else!!!! the'll tell you to scrap the caddi and do the cummins. Your'e the one coming to the table with big#'s and I just shot them down. I believe in 1970 a LS6 454 with solid cam was good for 500+hp at close to 7,000 and not to many caddi's did well against a chevelle. and single brand loyal I said run a (cummins) then you pointed out cadillac is GM, Ya no **** stu, So no I have no pointers for yor closed mind, go build cad 500's and in the end the'll all be boat anchors. And what is a 7,000 small block good for??????? are you for real go watch 2 min of formula offroad on youtube and you tell me. pull yo head out from under that big ass caddi hood and look around you, and you'll realize why they quit making them after like 10yrs and the 454 lived another 30yrs longer not to mention it came first.
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