Swapping in another diesel?

Discussion in 'GM Diesel & DuraMax' started by occupant, Jul 2, 2007.

  1. occupant

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    I've been reading a lot on the 4BT Cummins engine. 3.9 liter, 4-cylinder, 105-120hp, gobs of torque, can mate up to all sorts of transmissions. They are typically found in step vans (bread vans and the like) and are a pretty good size for swapping into everything from full-size pickups to Jeeps to RV's.

    Anyone on this board ever put a 4BT into their C/K truck?
  2. tbplus10

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    Not a Chevy truck.
    I put one in a 88 Toyota 4x4 about four years ago. I got the engine cheap because it had 270K on it, I planned on rebuilding it later when funds became available but sold the truck instead to a friend of mine. He uses it as a daily driver and has 420K on it without a rebuild.
    It's a great little engine but may be a little underpowered for a fullsize truck.

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