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Discussion in 'General Chevy & GM Tech Questions' started by slidemansailor, Apr 21, 2008.

  1. slidemansailor

    slidemansailor New Member

    The wiper arms on my 2007 Sierra 1500 do not swing out like my '96 did. I can barely get enough clearance under them to wash or de-ice the windshield. It is more than an annoyance, not being able to flip them up has caused ice to tear nearly new wiper blades.

    I was wondering if the older GM pickup flip-up arms could be fitted on, or there are some others that work as bold-on replacements.

    The dealer says the old style won't clear the hood. I think the bean counters saved 50-cents per pickup. I'd happily pay extra for flip up wiper arms.

    (I tried to post this earlier, but don't think I did it right. Sorry if I'm repeating myself)
  2. slidemansailor

    slidemansailor New Member

    I went to a wrecking yard. The counter-man says the older-style arms mount up different than the newer ones... I can't swap 'em directly.

    I can be stubborn. Anyone know how much would be involved in changing the mounting?
  3. travisn

    travisn Rockstar

    my old manager had a lumina that didnt have the flip up style, he always had a styrofoam cup or something under there to keep the ice off... gf's 04 cavilier has the same problem. but my 02 s10 is fine. something has to be compatible with your truck
  4. slidemansailor

    slidemansailor New Member

    Oh - a Styrofoam cup is a good idea.
  5. travisn

    travisn Rockstar

    lol, i hated that manager, he was such a douche... haha

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