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    Hi everyone, an excellent sight you have here. I've been reading and learning a lot from you people. Thank You!!
    I have a 2005 Silverado Xcab and i'm trying to install a new stereo, got the speakers done but I can not find a switched power source for the amp and deck, so they are sitting in the garage. I have heard horror stories about computer systems and various components being intigrated together so I dont want to fry something and not be able to fix it. I HATE electrical issues!
    So... the $64,000 question is...
    ...where can I hook up to for a switched power source to run my amp and deck? Kenwood deck, MTX amp running one 12" sub in a box thats way way to big.
    Damn GM....this used to be so simple back in the day, I've done a lot of installs but never had to deal with computers and data turn on devices....crap, I cant even find a switched power for my GPS (Garmin Nuvi 880), I hate turning it off and on all the time... it carries 3 GB of MP3 files ( on a card ) I feed into the stereo too.
    Enjoy your "BowTies" and keep the shinny side up/

    In the fuse panel in the left side of the dash when you open the door. That triangle cover, at the top there is a blank fuse spot that is indeed SWITCHED POWER.
    Thanks guys
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    If you are installing a new head unit the switched sourced is right in the wiring harness, so you can just run the amp remote wire off of that. If no new head unit, run the wire into the engine compartment and put in the fuse block that is under the hood, its easier this I find, the fuses are bigger and its easier to get the wire too.
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    i did the same thing with my wiring, and it is easier..

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