Synthetic Motor Oil causes leaks?

Discussion in 'Chevy Tahoe Forum (GMC Yukon, Cadillac Escalade)' started by billsf100, Feb 2, 2012.

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    I asked another auto parts store today about the ticking noise my 2002 Tahoe has at startup. He said I should switch to synthetic engine oil, that most often helps. One of his co-workers stopped me and said sometimes switching from conventional oil to synthetic caused engine oil leaks. Any thoughts on this?
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    The below link is from Chevron it is on Synthetic Motor Oil's......the Myths and/or the Truths Regarding Synthetic Motor Oil,

    Reply/Myth Number #5 in this Link Talks about Engine Oil Leaks,
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    I can tell you fom personal experience that I have experience the excessive leaking from synthetic oil in the machinery that i have worked on the last 25 years. I have worked on elevators and in almost every instance of using a synthetic in place of conventioal oils, we have experienced excessive leaking. I do realise that elevator machinery probably doesnt have the same specs and tolerances of an engine but Im just stating what I know from my experience.
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    When I was a service manager for GMC dealer, GMC would pay for an oil change if the owner would switch to Mobil 1. It was highly recommended and pushed by GMC.
    That was for new and used trucks regardless of mileage. During those 4 years, there was never any problem switching. All they required was to maintain the same weight of oil. I had an 83 AMC EAGLE SX/4 with 64,000 miles when I switched it to synthetic oil without problems maintaining the 10W-30 that was called for.
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    However, if you already had a leak the leak would become much worse if you switched from conventional to synthetic. The leak on my 86 Corvette went from a few drops every now and then to the point I had to put a pan under the car to protect the garage floor. However, synthetic offered lower engine oil temps and longer periods at wide open throttle when on the track so I lived with the mess.


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