Synthetic motor oil change ?

Discussion in 'Chevy C/K Truck Forum' started by JTward1, Mar 19, 2017.

  1. JTward1

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    I got a re-manufactured engine for my 1990 Silverado with a 305 from Jasper engines. Darn thing runs fantastic. I ran it for the last 3 years on Mobil super high miles 5W/30. It never leaks a single drop of anything. I want to try 5 quarts of Mobil -1 5 W/30 synthetic, I know there are a lot of attitudes about Dino oil and synthetic, what do you think ? I always use a AC Delco PF-35L 0r a PF1218CL and would you believe the filter fits my 2014 GMC Terrain as well as my 1990 & 88 Blazer 350? SANY0534.JPG
  2. RayVoy

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    As I said to @Beachbourbon , in his thread, it's as easy as drain, change filter and fill.
    Just be sure you use a synthetic oil filter.

    Every vehicle I buy, the oil is changed to synthetic very shortly after purchase.

    My preferred oil is Royal Purple, but only because I like the colour of the bottle
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  3. JTward1

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    Hay Ray,
    What and where would I get a synthetic oil filter ? what brands are synthetic filter and are they the ones with of a anti-drain back valve in them ?
  4. RayVoy

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    Hey JT, every parts store sells a filter that should be used with synthetic oil, nothing special about them, like the oil, the filter fabric is a higher quality. I think they carry the same part number as the regualar filer just has synthetic in small print.
  5. tbplus10

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    Something many car enthusiasts were never taught or forgot is the truth about filter is you want to watch the microns it catches, this is where the protection is, smaller microns equals better filtration. But even this number has to be watched as a smaller micron number makes it harder for a thicker viscosity oil to process through.
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  6. xPosTech

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    JT Walmart has good prices on Mobile 1. They also have Mobile 1 filters. One thing about the extended high mileage oils. They will all recommend not to idle for long periods if using the high mileage oils.

  7. JTward1

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    Hay all, I buy the motor oil from Amazon, I have the prime membership, so I bought 5 quarts of Mobil-1 "High Mileage" and it costs me $25.95 and with the prime membership it ships for free. So even though I still have about 6 AC Delco PF35 and PF1218CL, ( which is the same filter just a different part number. But I took your advice and I bought 4 Bosch Premium 3510. Their synthetic oil filters. I still put ExxonMobil super (high mileage) 10W/30. That's what in the owners manual and it doesn't leak and I don't want to rock the boat. But the pickup has the re manufactured engine and it only has about 3000 miles since we installed it, so I think it as close to new as your gonna get and the seals are still in good shape. Being alone and having 3 vehicles I don't put too many miles on any particular truck. Although If I have to go into the parasite Infested city of Philadelphia I take my gun and my 2014 GMC Terrain.
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  8. JTward1

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    I bought 4 Bosch 3510 filters
    I bought 4 Bosch 3510's I'll hope to se how the engine runs over the summer with the Mobil-1 5W/30 and the Bosch filters.
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  9. Beachbourbon

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    I just got filters on clearance so cheap at rock auto (wix $1.40) that it'll be a couple oil changes till I think about the synthetic swap again. Plus the high mileage stuff is working w/o leaks, so like JTward, I'm not sure I want to rock the boat.
  10. kennythewelder

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    I received your package today. You really sent to much money. I will redo it and send it back to you next week.

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