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    Most conventional petroleum motor oils will provide adequate protection for your automobile engine, but wouldn't you like your care.Conventional oil can cause damage to engine in cold weather because it contain waxes and paraffin which can thicken when exposed to cold temperature.Its molecules also varies in size so it can cause damage to vehicle engine.

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    Please provide a link backing up your statement you engine will be harmed by using conventional oil in freezing weather.
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    That "conventional will cause damage" idea is valid if someone is operating in blistering cold like the Arctic. For most areas of the country, that is not a valid comment. Most totally conventional oils of the 5w30 range will have pour points down into the -25F to -30F range. That is colder than most folks ever see. I would agree that a synthetic is better for cold, but how cold is the thing one needs to look at. For what most folks deal with, a conventional oil will flow just fine in cold weather. And, unknown to a lot of folks, you can buy an oil pan heater that affixes to the bottom of the pan and you can plug in for easy starts in the morning. has a broad variety of quality heaters. When I lived in the Alaskan interior, where school did not close unless the daytime HIGH temp was going to be below -50F, most everyone had oil pan heaters, battery blankets, and block heaters on their personal vehicles. And we used conventional oils. Granted, that was before the proliferation of synthetics showed up everywhere. But we did not lose engines due to the cold and using a conventional oil.

    There are other issues that do make synthetic a better choice, such as volatility rates, additive packages, etc. In most cases, they do a better job at keeping the internals cleaner and sludge free. But that is only partially due to them being synthetics. It also has to do with the additive package. Most full synthetics have more robust additive packages.

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