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  1. zippstripp

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    Ok people, what is truly a better product. I am torn now between amsoil or rp. Which one is truly better? I don't want test results on paper, but real life,dirty knuckle facts/experiances. I have a '09 Silverado and 50% into oil monitor using RP I added a quart. what do ya think?

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    Both are good products. Are either Dexos approved?
  3. RayVoy

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    If you are using your truck as a "normal" street truck, the answer to your question is totally irrelative.

    It's like asking, which is the best dollar bill, "the one made in 2002, or the one made in 2003"?

    You are not driving your truck hard enough to see any difference.
  4. zippstripp

    zippstripp Member 1 Year

    I know RP is dexos approved. I would like to believe Amsoil is as well. I guess I'm a little paranoid about oil usage problems after all the horror stories I've read. I did read that GM's oil consumption specs are 1qt for every 100gal. of gas. I figured I've put on around 4000 miles since I changed oil. 1qt. is probably doing pretty good.
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    i have tried both. they both say meets dexos1 specifications. no real difference between them that i noticed. but my truck is an everyday driver. i am using rp since i get it for almost half the price of amsoil
  6. Cowpie

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    Also keep in mind, that in any quart of oil, up to 40% is additive package. One can discuss, cuss, argue, or whatever about what brand is better, what base oil is used, is it a true synthetic or not, etc, etc. What many folks fail to take into account, is that the add pack is just as important, if not more so.

    When talking about boutique oils like RP and Amsoil, I seriously doubt anyone outside of a testing lab could tell the difference. But, I have found over the years, that engines are like small caliber rifles. I can take a quality .22 ammo, and feed it thru two different rifles, and get one that is a tack driver and other that is mediocre. I can then take those two rifles, change the brand of ammo, and get a totally different result. No oil is going to be the "best" for every application. But all the major brands, including the boutique brands, of synthetics will offer more than most people ever truly need.

    In a nutshell, buy what you are comfortable with in both quality and price. My choice? Schaeffer 9003D 5w30 full synthetic (dexos compliant) that I get for $68 for a case of 12 quarts wholesale and delivered free to my front door. I get it for that pricing because I also buy large quantities of oils and lubes for commercial use. Retail, I think it goes for around $80-$90. Great product, and Schaeffer has been at the lube game longer than any other company in N. America.... since 1839. They developed the lubes for the Apache attack helicopter and were a primary supplier of oils and lubes for the gulf wars. They even make stuff for other oils companies like Shell. Not a typical household name, since they focus more on commercial accounts, but in the very top tier of lube and oil manufacturers. You can get the stuff thru a rep or even at some retail outlets.
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