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Discussion in 'Chevy Colorado Forum (GMC Canyon)' started by lilwes, Jun 10, 2009.

  1. lilwes

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    I have a 2005 Colorado that I replaced the stock tail light units with LED ones. Does anyone know of a t-connector harness to plug in a trailer that will work with the LED tail lights? I've tried 2 hoppy's with the same results, as soon as I plug them in, I loose my brake lights.

    Thank you
  2. seffieldvillage@aol.com

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    t connector

    well i have a 2004 colorado that i put led tail lights on and had a lot of truble. the turn signal would go real fast. ever one said it was the ground . i tryed every thing. i called hoppy and the guy i talked to said the leds dont pull enought power. so the computer thinks the bulb is bruned out. i had to get a kit for 70 dollars that run them off the battery. it worked.i hope this helps. the leds dont pull as much as the stock ones.
  3. lilwes

    lilwes New Member

    Who did you get the kit from. Name/Website

    Thank you
  4. seffieldvillage@aol.com

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    i got the kit from hoppys. i just called them and talked to one of there techs. i told him what i had done and he new right off how to solve it. try thati hope this helps
  5. unplugged

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    Did you try a heavy duty flasher? On many vehicles the stock flasher is designed for a specific current draw and when a bulb burns out the flasher blinks faster to let you know you need to check the bulbs. Also plugging a set of trailer lights can alter the blink rate. Note when choosing a flasher there are thermal and electronic types.

    From: Cooper Bussman

    • Specified vs. Variable Load - specific load flashers are designed to flash only a certain number of bulbs. Variable load flashers can handle a range of amps, such as is required with a trailer in tow.
    • Bulb Capacity - designates the total number of bulbs in the circuit for left or right directional signal.
    • Number of Terminals - select either a two or three blade terminal flasher to match the socket in the panel.

    If you want to read more about led's and flashers check out: ledflasher1 and ledflasher2

    And you can always try: lmgtfy
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  6. unplugged

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    Is this the hoppy kit you used? See it at: hitches4less.com

    This trailer wiring kit has everything you need to attach a 4-wire flat trailer plug to your Chevrolet (Chevy) Colorado.

    This T-connector Hoppy trailer wiring kit for the Chevrolet Colorado features:
    • Plug-in connector that attaches to your current wiring harness
    • Standard 4-wire flat plug
    • Terminal grease packet (eases terminal wear and prevents corrosion)
    • You can find 4-wire flat plug extension kits here.
  7. lilwes

    lilwes New Member

    Yes this is the one I used. When I hooked it in my brake lights would not work. All the rest did.
  8. WestCoastColy

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    Colorado/Canyon trucks don't have flasher units. Turn signal is controlled by the BCM.

    lilwes - Which LED tail lights did you install? If they are the TYC or Eagle Eyes brands, they will not work with a trailering harness due to redundency. Those two brands of tail lights have a 4-2 conversion built into them just like all of the trailer harness adapter do. Because the tail lights and the harness adapter both change the light outputs from 4 bulb config to 2 bulb config, feedback is sent to the lights and they perform abnormally.

    The only LED tail lights that I know will work with these trucks is the DEPO brand.
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  9. Linda_sn

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    T connector wire harness

    Im assuming your talking about the harness between the stock and the new deck?

    Sounds like they may have added some power and grounds in empty spaces on the plug?

    Compare the new plug to the old.
  10. WestCoastColy

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    What? Where did you get that assumption from?

    Did you read the other posts? We're talking about LED tail lights and trailer harness adapters.

    Not stereos :lol:

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