Taboo: If you had to get a non GM truck, what would it be?

Discussion in 'The Coffee Shop ~ Chit Chat' started by AnimalYates, May 29, 2012.

  1. JnBama

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    old truck drives never die, they just get a new peterbilt
  2. Coach24

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    I hope this is true , s my father was a Huge Pete fan and drove other varieties only when his Pete was in for repairs(rarely). He also was a huge Bowtie Fan and I can not remember anything but GM in our drive way.
    Dad had the following that I know of;
    48 Gmc Pick up
    53 GMC pU
    57 Chevy impala
    58 Belair
    61 Nomad wagon
    64 Jet star Olds
    63 Chevy PU
    63 Buick Wildcat
    66 Skylark
    48 Pontiac
    53 Chieftan
    78 Chevy PU
    2000 Olds alero ( current daily driver with 240,000 miles)

    Sadly now dad doesn't drive but he enjoys going for rides in My silverado when I am able to go get him. Last road trip was to Ely , Nevada to ride the Ghost train and he still talks about the ride. That was over a year ago.
    Today my Father turned 77 And I arranged for a ride in a Pete like he used to drive. Dad's vision is gone but he still loves the sounds, smells and vibrations of a PETE or an old Chevy with the headers uncorked. Oh yeah, that will happen today as well thanks to a very old friend with a 69 Camaro.

    Pardon me But HAPPY BIRTHDAY ! DAD
  3. JnBama

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  4. Jimmeh

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    I would probably get a smaller crew cab truck, like a Dakota or a Tacoma. Honestly though, I would just stick with a GM just because I like them more as far as looks go (excluding older Fords and Dodges).

    As far as big rigs go, I hate our Peterbilts that we have at work. They are constantly in the shop thanks to that new DPF crap they put on the trucks. One truck only has about 70,000 miles on it, and already the fuel injectors are shot. It's also gone through two turbos, and a crank case filter. And that's just one of the three bobtails. The newest one actually has the urea injection system on it and only has just under 15,000 miles so we will see if we get any issues with it (other than it already loosing a motor mount bolt in a customers driveway :D)

    My 06 T300 KW work truck has about 105,000 miles and only has had a few minor things like a wheel seal and some radiator hoses replaced. Also a lot more comfortable and easier to drive. The Freightliners in our fleet are good trucks too, other than the dashes falling apart (thanks to their wonderful shaking ;D)
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  5. Coach24

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    Wow! Where were they manufactured? In the Mexico plant? Saddest day was when Paccar acquired Peterbilt and added their KW stuff to the name. I know when I got eight new Freighliner cab overs they were all different in assembly even thought they were all spec'd the same. 3 had no paint on the chassis and one even came with out a radiator. All Brand new assembled in Mexico.
  6. Curky

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    See some people consider a Wrangler a truck, but I do not.:fighting0040: A Wrangler is a But If that chose is included there is no doubt I would get 2012 Wrangler Call of Duty – MW3 Edition with duel tops.

    If not that for sure this- 2012 Ford Raptor Super Crew
  7. SupplySgt

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    If I had to pick a non-GM truck it would probably be a F-150 like what my 1SG has. His is super nice and I'm almost a little jealous of it. That, and I just can't trust the transmissions on Dodges. If it wasn't for the tranny it would be a close one.
  8. Coach24

    Coach24 Rockstar 3 Years 5000 Posts

    Go with a manual trans on Dodge and you be fine
  9. AnimalYates

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    I drove a 05' Ram 2500 manual with the 5.7 HEMI, and that thing would probably leave my 5.3 in the dust.

    Of course I'd take my truck over it anyday... but Dodge's are mean, no doubt.
  10. JnBama

    JnBama Rockstar 4 Years 500 Posts

    Like everything else the newer big trucks are built cheap,

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