Tachometer and other gauges not accurate

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    So I have a few bulbs burned out on my cluster and thought that I could replace them myself. I soon found out that the bulbs are soldered in and decided that I can live with it for now. However, I took the needles off to get to the bulbs, and thought I got the needles back to their original positions. The tach is now way off (highway speeds it sits a 0 RPM), the voltage looks to be registering too high, and the speedo seems to be accurate, but when the truck is not moving, it seems to rest at about 4 mph, and I don't remember it doing that before. Any suggestions on how I can "calibrate" my gauges without taking it to the dealership and getting violated? Not really a big deal, but mor annoying because everything was working perfectly and then I had to "fix" it and did the exact opposite!!:grrrrrr:
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    I can't tell you how to fix your guages but I remember seeing a thread on here about "how to guages" & it told the proper steps to do, or not do for guage work. It may go through steps that you can do or undo in order to realign your guages.
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    That's the one TELORVEHC. It has the procedure for turning the needles till they stop, popping the needles & then the proced for puting them back on. I think if the op starts where he's at now & follows the disassembly & reassembly his should be right. Thanks for finding that. :great:

    And a big thumbs up to 99Heartbeat (Mike) for making that write up on how to fix them..
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