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  1. challutz

    challutz New Member

    my tachometer on my 04 quit working any ideas???? thanx cw
  2. JMoney02

    JMoney02 Epic Member 5+ Years 500 Posts

    How many miles? Does all other gauges work? 03-04 clusters had recalls due to various issues with them. Recall is for 7yrs/70k miles, check your local dealer and see if you qualify.

  3. wrbailey

    wrbailey New Member

    tach and speedo problems

    Old post, but figured if I found it others will. Have a 2003 Silverado 2500HD and I just dropped it off at the dealership for the tach/speedo problems (tach would peg itself at 6000 and speedo would jump around). I have 71600 miles and the service writer told me below 70k/7years they cover everything, but between 70 and 80k miles you pay for labor = about $80 and they cover the cluster cost. $80 instead of $500, only way to beat that would for it to be a actual recall...
  4. the phantom

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    I realize this is old but little story about this... I had my cluster replaced in my 03 Escalade ext under this service bulletin. GM said "Oh were sorry your truck is 7 years and 1 month old. My milage was 63,000ish at the time. So they did the we will supply the parts and you pay for labor so thats what I did and it cost me $175 for labor. Well 8 months later the tachometer in the new cluster died. Called GM and well Im out of luck.. No warranty on the replacement cluster. What a joke...

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