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    My 2005 Tahoe has multiple problems: Automatically shifting into 4WD low when I'm in 2wd, Air conditioner going on only on the drivers side when I put on recirculating air and set the manual heat switch in the lower part of the red (heat) zone, other smaller problems, but the problem I want first to solve is the rear wiper. It won't go, and the dealer said it's a broken wire in the wiring harness, repair cost being $500.00. Any ideas?


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    p.s. I failed to add that this happens when the air conditioner switch is OFF
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    Sorry that you're having difficulties. I can't help with them but wanted to welcome you to GMTC! :great:

    If you don't get responses in this thread you should use the search feature of the site to help you look for answers. If that doesn't help also consider posting about the individual issuses in the relevant section(s) of the site, as you'll get more readers on specific topics in those areas than here in the new members section.
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    Sorry about your troubles, Someone will be along soon to help you. I would like to welcome you to the GMTC, it's good to have you here. :glasses:
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    Welcome to the G M T C !
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    Welcome to the club!
    You broken wire in the harness is usually right at the tailgate hinge, where the wires have to flex back an forth all the time. If you open up that part of the harness, you can see the broken wire most of the time.
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    I am sorry for your troubles!! I am sure someone will be along that CAN help you!! I just wanted to welcome you to the site.

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