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    At work I got this catalog that had some tips about crimping, not sure if it helps but I found the catalog page online;

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    etrailer.com has a bunch of quick videos that help with wiring projects such as yours. Here is a link to all their videos.

  2. Conlan Rose

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    thanks! any help on it is appreciated since the instructions on the box are junk.
  3. Conlan Rose

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    all parts are in i plan to install some time this week :glasses:

    cant wait to get all this working properly gonna be fun
  4. Conlan Rose

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    well began wiring today with my friend got about half way and also removed wires ran by the original owner that looked like junk. so far i have installed the power lead from the battery to the big fuse and preped the lead to the fuse block but need to mount fuse block. also ran power lead for back up light relay and found wire to the switch on the dash. also mounted relay and began to wire it all up. just need to mount fuse box and run wires to terminal box which i mounted on inside of truck box underhood. ill take pics tomorrow.
  5. Conlan Rose

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    i know most people arnt paying attention to this thread any more but happy to anounce im 75% or so done with the wiring just need to install new driving lights the fuse box and terminal box are all ready to go ill post pics soon like in ten mins i first need to get them off camera and google plus
  6. Conlan Rose

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    here are the pics ive took so far havnt taken pics of what i did today.

    here is the now cleaned up battery area ater removing the original owners wiring. it was fairly well done in terms of how u should do it but looked like junk.

    the new power lead to under hood box

    lead for back up light relay and found wires that go to the switch

    in the box after first day of work with out fuse block installed or anything wired. today i added boat load of wiring and the fuse box now the backup light is back on line

    anl fuse holder

    7 terminal box 6 will beused for fused power leads one for a heavy ground for some aux wiring that needs one.

    power lead battery end

    will post more pics this weekend if it not rain all week end.
  7. Conlan Rose

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    heres pics from yesterdays work did some more to day running wires from fuse block to terminal box just need one more diffrent colored wire.

    new position of switch wire

    wiring in side box looks like a mess but is orginized.

    fuse block and realy for aux lights prepared.

    inside terminal box added more wires so all but one is used. bottom most is the ground its a heavier 14 awg wire so acouple of small things that need grounds can be added.

    added all but one lead from the fuse block just need one more color so non repeat. i will be twist tieing alot of the wires together so it looks neater.
  8. Conlan Rose

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    here are pics from the first weeks i owned the truck.

    this is what the box looked like before mods

    engine compartment before degreasing it with all original stuuf from when truck was bought

    there is a pic of the original wiring or some of it he used a really thin 16 awg wire for the power lead for the lights and the switch.

    the covered wire in the center is the wire for the switch it when up over the block.

    in the corner theres the wiring again u can see some of the mess he created and the original battery which sucked.

    just pic from under hood it was such a mess before i cleaned it

    the covered wire over the brake booster and master cylinder is the switch wire also before truck was cleaned

    paper towels that helped clean up before i used the degreaser.

  9. Pikey

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    Cool project. Thanks for posting the pics. Please post some of the finished project. Did you end up getting any of that split corrugated wire cover?
  10. Conlan Rose

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    i have some from original owners wiring will use it on lead from the back up light and maybe the switch. hopfully ill finish it all up today depending on when i get some work on the computer done.

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