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  1. L5wolvesf

    L5wolvesf New Member

    Hi all,

    I’m looking for recommendations on which year(s) Tahoe/Yukon are “best”. I have been using my friend’s ’99 Suburban to tow our race cars. He is returning to the US and I will need to replace it. The Suburban has been really good but has a couple drawbacks. MPG, his is a 454 and the 3/4T ‘burb is way heavy. It’s brakes also feel soft to me. So I’m looking at Tahoe/Yukon’s to lessen the load and I’ll go with a 350. I will still need the 3/4T for the weight carrying capacity. I can live with slightly less rear interior space.

    One other thing I want to avoid is the fuel gauge/sender/pump issues. We did the pump on the ’99 and within about a 9 month period did 3 others. The biggest PITA was that all died with at least a half tank of fuel in them.

    I also want one I can put a performance programmer in. The ’99 Burb did not have any programmers available from what I found.

    So basically the preferred specs are:
    - Tahoe or Yukon (differences are minimal far as I know).
    - 3/4ton, 350 cid engine
    - Starting year(s) must be;
    At or beyond where the fuel gauge/sender/pump issues were resolved.
    Where performance programmers are available.
    - Not too new as to be outside of my “budget”.
    - “meat-wagon” rear doors,

    Thank you,
  2. Boonduff

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    The Tahoe/Yukon was and still is only available as a 1/2 ton. The Suburban is the only choice if you want a 3/4 ton, and not every one is plagued with the fuel pump/gauge/sender issue. I've never had a problem with my 97 with 183,000 miles.
  3. L5wolvesf

    L5wolvesf New Member

    Oh, I though I had seen 2000 and newer Tahoe/Yukons on CL as 3/4t. Can Tahoe/Yukon tow as well as Suburbans?

    Was the fuel pump etc. problem limited to just '99?

    Thank you for the reply,

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