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    Hi there I own a 2006 Tahoe, I live in Canada, i bought it from Texas. It's been a great truck so far except for an issue with my traction control. For about a year I've had this issue come and go. Sometimes when I try to accelerate from a stopped position, the truck will not go. there is no reaction from the gas peddle. The truck is not completely off but it hesitates for 3-4 seconds, TRACTION CONTOL ACTIVATED appears in the display, then all of a sudden everything is back to normal. It happens mostly when I take off at a light real slow. I know it's not completely shut down because I can put the tranny in nuetral and I have response from the peddle, then I put it back in drive and nothing? This can be very concerning when turning left into on comming traffic especially when you think you have loads of time. I've taken it into be looked at and of course when they take it out nothing happens! I have seen where lots of other people seem to have this issue with no real answer. Afew people think it has to do with the wheel hub assembly? I'm surprised Chev hasn't had a recall to fix this, it could be very dangerous.

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    Welcome to the G M T C ! I am not aware of this problem, but I'm sure if it is common you'll get some comments here. You will get more attention on one of our "Tech." forums. Good luck!
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    Welcome to the club!!!! I'm not but it sounds like a sensor is giving a false reading of a traction loss. Im pretty sure someone on here will have the answer.
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    [MENTION=53361]Tahoe4444[/MENTION] -- this x2. And welcome! :great:
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    Welcome to the club and check the Tech Forum or search engine

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