tail gate window guides and or rails, 89 chevy r1500 suburban

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  1. I_love_my_suburban

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    hey, this is my first post, just joined, so i hope this is the right spot to ask. i have a 89 chevy r1500 suburban, my dad says i need new window rails for the tailgate window, i have searched all over the web for them but found nothing. when lowering the window and raising it, it sounds like its scraping and it gets stuck.

    i hope that's enough info, or if im even doing this right.
    thanks for any help...
  2. KidHauler

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    Welcome to the site.

    I had a '78, and an older Blazer and Jimmy. All of them seemed to rip the felts inside of the rails.
    When the felt rips, the window slides into the rail channel, then binds up. I don't know if the tailgate comes apart on your 89 like it did on my older ones, but if does, open it up and look around inside for the cause.

    There are some online parts places that carry the felts, and LMC Truck will have everything you ever dreamed of.

    Good luck,
  3. BluBurb89

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    Welcome to the site. KidHauler is dead on; try page 33 of LMC's online catalog under '73 to '91 Suburban and you'll find them under 'glass channel w/seal'; you'll need 2 L&R $70 ea. Sign up for a free catalog.
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  4. I_love_my_suburban

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    thanks for the help, that site rocks.

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