Tailgate stuck closed

Discussion in 'Chevy Silverado Forum (GMC Sierra)' started by dmitch323, Mar 2, 2010.

  1. dmitch323

    dmitch323 New Member

    Hey I having trouble opening my tailgate on my 06 Silverado. The handle assembly and clips
    are in good shape but the rod that attaches to the latch on drivers side has fell off. How do i get the gate open to repair the latch.
  2. Greg84

    Greg84 Rockstar 100 Posts

    You're going to have to take the trim piece that goes around the handle off. There are 4 plastic tabs on it, one near each corner. There also may be some foam tape sticking to the tailgate. You'll have to squeeze either the top down or the bottom up to get the tabs to release, and chances are one or more of those tabs are going to break when you take it off. If you don't break it you can reuse it, if not they are available for 8 or 9 bucks at advance auto or autozone (usually in the help! section).

    Once that trim piece is off, just grab the rods and pull them towards the center and you'll be able to open the tailgate. The clip that holds the rod to the latch is probably broke (its a crappy design).
  3. dmitch323

    dmitch323 New Member

    The clips are not broke behind the handle. One of the clips is broke on the end attached to the
    driver side tailgate latch.
  4. Greg84

    Greg84 Rockstar 100 Posts

    Thats a new one for me! Good luck!
  5. Joe Morris

    Joe Morris New Member

    I have the same problem. the rod that attaches to the driver side lever came out/broke. i am unable to open the tailgate. did you ever get any help?
  6. afireinside

    afireinside Member

    I had the opposite, I couldent close my tailgate. I took off the trim ring and it was frozen/rusted. So I spent 45.00 and got the newer codeable to my ignition key/lockable style (I have a 07 NBS) Got it off ebay
  7. Cblake

    Cblake New Member

    Anyone have a solution to this? There seems to be a million videos to replace the plastic clips but nothing out there on what to do if a rod is disconnected at the latch
  8. Flyinfool

    Flyinfool Rockstar 100 Posts

    Only thing I can think of it reach in from the center with a rod with a hook on the end to see if you can get it into the hole in the latch to then release it. I am ASSUMING that the rod from the center goes into a hole in the latch and has either broken off or a clip fell out and it fell out of the hole. Never took mine apart so I am not sure.
    I just had where my tailgate would not open and it turned out to be the hinges rusted solid. It felt like the latch was not releasing.
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  9. Moose monkey

    Moose monkey Active Member 100 Posts

    Welcome to old Chevy's. Take a thin puddy knife from inside of bed and pop it like the bathroom door. Should open for you. Take bolts out an latch should come out In your hand.
  10. Moose monkey

    Moose monkey Active Member 100 Posts

    Popping Like Bathroom door. Went out to 03 this morning and looked. FLYINFOOL is on it. Your tailgate latch works just like your doors If you pull your door panel off an look inside while pulling the handle you will has a better idea the way it works. Then do what FLYINFOOL was saying.

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