Tailgate up or down

Discussion in 'Performance & Fuel' started by blacksilverado07, Jan 16, 2008.

  1. ChevyFan

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    I think the studies show that the air gets trapped in there and makes it's own barrier that allows the stream to come over the bed and slip behind the gate. When the tailgate is down it doesn't allow this to happen and it causes more drag on the vehicle.
  2. blacksilverado07

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    alright thanks
  3. z71silverado04

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    i think tail gate down but if you put the stock wheels on youll smoke him because those wheel are so heavy
  4. zorg

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    Tailgate Up

    This is correct. I watched a wind tunnel test on this. The initial air creates a mini vortex just behind the cab. The wind just flows over the vertex as if there were body panels there and continues on. The gate down causes the wind to curl up back onto itself as it tries to create a big vortex. The wind coming up hits the wind trying to pass over the truck and actually causes resistance. It was pretty cool to see how it works.
    Of course, this only matters if you are going fast enough. If you're drag racing, the run is so short that it may not make that much of a difference.

  5. Pete95Sierra

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    the new wheels may be a little heavier but they are also bigger than the stockers giving you a different final drive axle ratio giving you a little better acceleration but limiting you more in the long run... its the same concept of why people put a lower gear in there car to go faster off the line, but it limits them top end.. I dont know if anyone has said this I didnt read all the posts but its my .02
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  6. Knogoodidleft

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    You lost because of your 22''s. how much did you lose by? im looking into getting 20''s but getting low profile tire to keep the final ratio the same.
  7. blacksilverado07

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    i lost by two truck lengths but this was like a month ago i raced him again like 4 days ago and he beet me again but i was right next to him at the end im thinking about buying the 07 tahoe stock rims
  8. GM_GURL

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    Mythbusters did a show and they found tailgate up is better for milege
  9. vega$

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    yeah, mythbusters already confirmed this myth..
    Plus trucks without tailgates look trashy to me..and nets are meant for beat up 89 tacomas.
    it probably is your wheels.. throw an intake and put some of that racing octane in before the drag.:great:
  10. unplugged

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    Despite the aerodynamic testing of Mythbusters, it hasn't kept a company from developing a useless product that turns your tailgate into a spoiler:
    The motto: Just because it's on a Porsche, don't mean it should be on yer truck!:lol:

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