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  1. Gambit

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    Ok this is a minor annoyance but i bought my truck used and i have always had some play in the tailgate. i mean it is like the striker pins arent thick enough. i close the tailgate and i can wobble the top of it like a 1/4". The bottom is fine so it isnt the pocket hinges. Again to me it is almost like someone put striker pins that were to thin on there. Does anyone else have this issue and if not can someone please measure the diameter of there striker pin and post it so i have a comparison to use. Thanks
  2. Greg84

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    Are you sure its catching on both sides? I've seen a lot of them with tonneau covers or bed mats that got in the way of the tailgate a little bit and only one side would be latching. Grab the top of the tailgate when its closed one side at a time, if one side is firm and the other isn't then that loose side probably isn't latched at all.
  3. pmf608

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    that happens with mine too. The problem on my truck is that the truck seems to have come with a plastic coating on the striker pins, which over the years has been chewed up and come off completely. This difference in the thickness causes a bit of looseness in mine, which in turn means that you have to push it in to release the latches because it sits out that 1/8 inch or whatever farther than it should.
  4. mmorgan1865

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    The whole easy lift tailgate thing cracks me up. Our tailgate weights half as much as our competition and that's a good thing. :glasses:
  5. Gambit

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    Yes Greg84 i am sure it is catching on both sides. i dont have a tonneau or bed mat just the stock bed liner. But it does the same thing on both sides. What pmf608 said sounds to me like it is the issue. Once my LMC parts catalog gets here i will just orders new striker pins and see what happens.

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