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    Take steps to protect yourself no matter what you rent
    [SIZE=-1]A dispute with Enterprise Rent A Car over damage to the Chevy Cobalt that Ave Lasher rented from a St. Petersburg Enterprise car rental cost the Brooklyn, ...[/SIZE]

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    This article makes sense and offers good tips.
    You can bet the next time I rent something, especially a car, I'll take pictures and send them to my computer in case theres a dispute later.
    How much time or money would it cost to take pics of all 4 sides? Most cameras have the option of time/date stamping the pictures. Imagine going to court and saying "Judge heres pics of the vehicle condition when I took possession of it and when I returned it" could the rental car company produce the same? Not likely.
    Sadly we live in a world where you must take prcautions to protect yourself in everything you say and do.
    I probably would've gotten a better response from the last rental car fiasco I had if I'd a been smart enough to take pictures and send them to their corporate office.
    Instead I got an email 5 mos later telling me "we understand how you felt but heres some coupons to use with your next rental from us". Yea right, that'll never happen again.

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