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  1. mrw612

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    Hey everyone. New to this forum,

    Looking at getting a 1997 2 door tahoe. Had high hopes until the seller showed me some up close pictures of the rust. Here is a photo of what I'm talking about. What is the best way to treat this damage on a budget? Should I forget about this truck due to this problem? Seller is asking 3000 truck has 123k and rebuilt tranny. Other than the rust, the truck is in really good shape.

    Thanks for your feedback!
  2. BillD64

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    I would walk. That is rusted through. I have seen a number of these trucks of this vintage with really bad rust through in this area. It is almost impossible to fix since the only way to fix it is to cut out the rust and from new sheet metal to replace the old. A lot of custom work. The inner and outer panels will have to be cut way back and treated so they don't rust above the point where you stop cutting. The floor boards may also be affected which will affect the strength of the structure. Another issue is the brake lines. My 03 is no where near that bad and I am looking at replacing all of the brake lines due to rust (about $1500).

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  3. tbplus10

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    Yea time to walk on this one for that price. You havent even looked at the frame yet.
    This is at best a $1500 truck with this type damage, and you've still got surprises in the undercarriage.

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