Taking my older truck long distance drive

Discussion in 'General Chevy & GM Tech Questions' started by md202089, Nov 19, 2012.

  1. md202089

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    95 gmc sierra approx 160k miles 2 wheel drive 4.3l

    Possibly taking my truck on a one way moving trip from Des Moines to Salt lake City approx 1,000 Miles, was asking around for any tips or if anyone else here has done the same, just a little anxious that it might break down (normal worry i guess) overall its in decent shape never really had any problems except currently a possible speed sensor in the transmission. is there any parts i should look at replacing or adding other than normal fluid flushes before the trip, i was looking at a transmission cooler i believe it would help and a full tune up i dont mind spending a couple hundred bucks if it helps my truck.

    back to the speed sensor, when it first got cold here in Iowa my rpm and speedo wasnt moving and my truck felt a little sluggish. after a day or two it went back to how it was before and working fine, but currently when i reach around 50 it seems like the tranny has a slight confusion i guess whether to upshift or downshift but it seems very minor as i dont normally drive past 50 and interstate driving has been okay. what do you guys make of that? that seems to be the only problem.

    Thank you for reading

    a bit of detail to add is i wont be carrying a load just a backpack of clothes and the tranny fluid smelled and apeeared just fine
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  2. 97Silveradbeast

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    Has the trans ever been flushed before if not do NOT flush it. You can change the filter and top off the fluid. A trans cooler is always a good thing. My 1st Silverado was a 93 with a 4.3l. I had 185000 miles give or take i had no problems on long trips. I put 100,000 on it in 3 yrs.
  3. RayVoy

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    Welcome to the club.

    If there is no load, a tranny cooler is not necessary, if you have no plans to tow, or haul heavy loads don't both with it. The transmission, like the engine, needs to operate within a certain range of temps, if no load, the normal rad cooling will work just fine.

    If the maintenance is up-to-date, the truck probably has many more miles to travel. go for it.

    Edit: Sorry 97 Silver, I sort of contradicted your cooler advice (we were typing at the same time), to the op, this is strictly my 2 cents.
  4. md202089

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    thanks for your reply, i will not flush it (is there a specific reason why not). I should change the filter i havent done that in a while mostly because i only drive a few miles a day maybe 10. and according to the dip stick in the engine bay it was full. i thought it may be a speed sensor since nothing smelt like it was burnt and it affected my gauges, i just didnt want a serious problem to come up during the trip. is there more investigating i should do to see if it is slipping?

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