Talk about longevity!

Discussion in 'The Coffee Shop ~ Chit Chat' started by uposb4, Mar 18, 2010.

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  1. uposb4

    uposb4 New Member

    I just stopped this 96 Chevy 1500 p/u with 356328.1 miles! I guess old Chevy's never die!

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  2. KidHauler

    KidHauler New Member 100 Posts

    Was he speeding?
  3. uposb4

    uposb4 New Member

    No, Suspended license. I couldn't believe those miles. I hope my 05 1500 gets me there.
  4. KidHauler

    KidHauler New Member 100 Posts

    Did you say third? I'm pretty sure it was his third.

    Then you can buy the truck at auction!
  5. Shorty 71

    Shorty 71 New Member 1000 Posts 100 Posts

    I hope you let him off with a warning:)
  6. trapstud

    trapstud New Member 1000 Posts 100 Posts

    I guess he was too busy driving to pay stop at the dmv.
  7. sharpshooterusmc

    sharpshooterusmc New Member 100 Posts

    my first truck was a 1994 chevy k1500 Z71. i bought it with 330000 on it. i drove it for 4 years and sold it with 378000. my cousine is driving it now and he has over 400k on it. it still has the original TBI 350 in it and it runs like a top. doesnt smoke or anything, of corse its lost some power over time but it is still strong considering the circumstances. and the truck has had a 3in. body lift and running 35's since 1996. and its only on its 2nd tranny. should have never sold that truck

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