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    So my buddy just took the oil burner off his 08 diesel and is now running no muffle just a cat and strait pipes. You can tell the thing preforms much better in the driving and the MPG. Now he is talking about getting the cat off to for even better performance. I would love to take my cat off my 02 2500HD on just run a pipe to my Magnaflow muffler. My dad seems to think it is more complex on a gas then it is a diesel and I have a 8.1 liter. So what would it take to cut out my cat and not make my O2 sensors **** them self and no check engine light. A programmer?
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    it is a bit different with the gassers. One you cant go with as big of a pipe as you will lose to much backpressure and power, as it is a balance. you can get rid of the cats if you dont live in a place where they will notice it or cant pass smog. they make things to bypass the 02 issue but dont know much on that one.
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    The make O2 sensor simulators or replicators. Here is one brand I found with a quick google search.

    I believe that you would have to get a custom tune if you wanted to delete them completely. Most of the hand held programmers are not capable of disabling the system. I found one a few fears ago that you hooked to your laptop and then you could change on disable the system that you don't want. I considered buying it and disabling my evap system because the SES light kept coming on. It was around $450. I think that a custom tune would cost much less.
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    Ight I'll defiantly look at that if I ever do it. It's just a idea I've been kicking around. Thanks for the info.
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    I wouldnt recommend removing the catalytic convertor, even if you dont have state or local regulations on inspections, converters are still required to be present on all vehicles manufactured after January 1977, and you can and will be subject to Federal inspection or required state roadside inspections.

    Under Section 205(a) of the Act, 42 U.S.C. 8 7524(a), the maximum penalty for
    violations of the vehicle and engine requirements under Title I1 of the Act is $25,000 per vehicle
    or engine, with two exceptions. The maximum penalty for violations of the tampering
    prohibition when committed by any person other than a manufacturer is $2,500 per vehicle, and
    the maximum penalty for violations of the defeat device prohibition is $2,500 per device.
    These maximum penalty amounts were increased from $25,000 to $32,500 and from $2,500 to
    $2,750 for violations occurring after March 15,2004, through January 12,2009, and to $37,500
    and $3,750 for violations occurring there after

    In other words get caught once after January 13, 2009 and your subject to a maximum $3,750 fine for the first time, everytime therafter and your subject to a maximum $37,500 fine per violation.

    Last year I talked with an aquaintance that was caught and notified by mail of a violation when he passed a roadside check point in the Houston, TX area, he chose to ignore the infraction, as he tells it his belief was because he lives in a county where inspections are not required. The vehicle was subsequently checked by a state inspector at some point and found not to have a catalytic convertor. 1 month later the vehicle was identified again passing a roadside check point.
    When notified of the second violation my friend was informed his vehicle would be impounded and removed from the road, he chose to inform the EPA they had to catch him first.
    They caught him 4 days later leaving work and since he didnt have the finances to pay the nearly $40,000 in fines he had acrued with the two violations he is now serving 36 months in jail after losing in court with his argument. His vehicle was impounded and disposed of for which he was sent a $3200 waste disposal clean-up bill for.
    Jail and fines for this type infraction are still rare but they are becoming more popular.
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    Here is what you get for removing a catalytic converter from a US automobile: a $10,000.00 fine. Anyone who does this and thinks it won't happen to them should probably think it over again. It is a real stupid idea.

    If this forum were subpoenaed to disgorge personal information about someone who posts on here that they did it or is going to do it, they have to hand over that information. So even talking about it renders the idea even more stupid, since you have no idea who is viewing your posts.
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