Tank Pull for a Great Cause...

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    Went to a Benefit Tank pull today for the Wounded Warriors Project....http://www.tankpullkofc.org/

    DSCF2122.jpg DSCF2123.jpg DSCF2124.jpg DSCF2125.jpg DSCF2126.jpg

    - - - Updated - - -

    So you pull 80,000 plus the truck and trailer.. WOW!!! DSCF2127.jpg DSCF2128.jpg DSCF2130.jpg DSCF2131.jpg DSCF2133.jpg All age groups I did miss the Girls from Golds gym but they did do it..and a Kids group DSCF2140.jpg DSCF2138.jpg DSCF2139.jpg

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