TBI fuel lines, can I use rubber??

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    So I have a rusted and cracked fuel line way back by the fuel tank on my 89 burb.

    We just recieved 13 inches of snow..and it is 6 degrees outside:gasp:, so I'm limited to "imagining" the repair in my head while I'm stuck here at work. So forgive me if some of my answers would be obvious if I got under the truck.

    What I'm wondering is do I need to use OEM hard fuel lines to replace the hard fuel lines on the truck? Are there fancy fittings at the sending unit that need a threaded connection or "clip-on connection" Or could I get some "fuel injection" quality rubber fuel line and somehow use that? Like maybe cut out the rusted section, flare the hard line and slip on the rubber line with some good hose clamps?? I did notice the hard line appears to have a threaded connection to the fuel filter?

    Anybody who can give me a description of what to expect once I do get under the truck and lower the fuel tnak that would be great. Like how is the hard line connected to the sending unit? What will I need to remove it? Where can I find replacement lines with the needed connectors already in place? Are they like brake lines where the connections are universal, and I just need to go by the righ length and bend it up?

    I've never worked with fuel injection fuel lines so any advice would be great!! Thanks!!:glasses:
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    The GM TBI fuel system runs at a 9-14 psi, so using a short piece of rubber fuel line shouldn't be a problem. I haven't had my tank down, so I can't help with that part of your question. I've pulled the tanks on other vehicles, so I don't think you have a lot to worry about.
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    Hey 84 thanks for the link...I'll have to grab that tool for seperating the lines fromt he sending unit.

    So I crawled under my truck on saturday just to scope things out, and it appears the two pressurized lines coming from the tank (supply and return?) have a braided hose at the sending unit joined to the hard line which continues up towards the front of the truck.

    The supply hard line is then connected to the filter, and the other (return?) hard line has a fitting about that place as well.

    So it seems, assuming I can get all the fitting loose..I should be able to remove just the back half from the filter to the tank of each of these lines. So I would have two hard lines with braided hoses at one end.

    Where can I find those replacement lines? They seem rather specialty since they have those braided hoses at the end. Is this a car specific part that autozone-type place will have or will I need to go to the dealer?
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