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Discussion in 'Performance & Fuel' started by OleBlue93, Apr 27, 2010.

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    hey everyone i have a 93 chevy heavy half ton with a tbi 350 and rebuilt 4l60 transmission and im curious cause im wanting a little extra bolt ons for a buck i already have the K&N intake on in true dual 2.5 inch flowmaster 10 series with X pipe. I have a vortec 350 from a wrecked 96 half ton with low miles on it in my garage i wanna know how hard and how much work would it be to put a vortec 350 in my truck. I have discussed with some of the guys to put a vortec in my truck some think its more than the intake and some said it was just the intake. Could i use the tbi intake for vortec styled heads and put the holley 670 tbi unit on it or am i gonna have to do more to it like get the new pcm and all that newer junk cause they do have diff firing orders and distributors. i know i have to run a diff fuel pump, edilbrock has a good plug and play fuel pump for this style truck for cheap but any ones input would be greatly appreciated thanks
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    can't help you on this one but good luck!
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    You will need the COMPLETE engine wiring harness from the 1996... Then it is just a plug an play affair.. You will have to take the dash out to swap everything. Also you will need the ECU. The harness is actually very easy to change (i Just did to add a tach cluster to my 1988 chevy) And you will need the instrument cluster from the 1996 for all of the guages to work properly...
    The Vortec motor is different from the TBI in these ways... The Heads flow much different and better. they however will only take a vortec style manifold.. The intake is different, and is once again designed to flow better and perform better. Plus it is an OBDII motor so there is more diagnostic capability. If you are able to swap the Motor Harness, and cluster into your truck then you will also be able to run a programer for a 1996 Chevy truck... Allowing you for even more power... You will need to splice the HVAC wires together to make your 1993 Heater/AC work properly.. At the bulkhead you will not have to change anything other than the bottom harness the other two are for the lights and the 4X4 and fuel pump...
    In all reality if you swap the harness and the motor and have all the parts available you should be albe to do the swap relatively quickly... Plus you will have a hybrid..
    the fuel pump in your truck should be able to supply the correct amount of fuel with out an issue... Since the fuel pressure regulator under the upper intake on the Vortec motor will control and ensure good pressure...
    as i said it sounds like a fairly dawnting task but really isnt to bad.. Just make sure that if you choose to bolt the entire motor into your truck that you get the ECU from the corresponding truck..

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