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  1. 5speedsilverado

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    ok, i have a question for all that say throttle body spacers dont do anything on the newer vehicles, how would you explain my 2-3 raise in average mpg? i have been running my throttle body spacer for two years, and it has been well worth it. i have heard of people saying it caused a leak between in and the manifold, for people that say that, you probably tightened it the wrong way, when i got mine it said in the instructions to tighten in a criss cross pattern to avoid leaks. so please explain to me my mpg increase from the tbs that isn't supposed to be their? also my dad had one on his old 02 jeep wrangler, his new 05 wrangler, and my moms old 04 hemi ram, and got improvements on those also.

    Rant over
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  2. retired2001

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    I've never tried one, but I have not heard that much good about them. No experience here, but if you are getting an improvement that is great!
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    when newer vehicles are mentioned they are talking about nbs trucks. There is something to do with the high settings that the factory all ready allows for. Same as you dont need to add a mass because the stock mass is good for like 500 hp. It is also because the stock tps is allowing for the right ammount of air to come into the enging and be mixed. IF you go up to like a supercharger or a turbo go for it. It will make all the difference in the world. Congrats for it working with your year model truck. But the truth of it is your factory stuff was not that good. It is the same reason that the 08 and 09 4.8 has the same hp as the 07 5.3 they made the engine less restrictive.
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    if it was any good, how come when they were making these engines, why not add 1in thicker plate of metal(thats what it basically is) at the throttle body.

    Im pretty sure if you would ask this over on a differant forum they would probably flame away, and tell you there junk.

    Its pointless to get any gains from a 1in thick plate, Also there is no air being mixed. Your truck is fuel injected they get mixed in the cylinder not the throttlebody.

    I think the GM engineers knew what they were doing.

    I agree with heavy chevy, the TPS already knows what to let in, if you add a spacer, it might slow the airflow down actually, also a 1.5 inch more travel, for the airflow to get there.

    Im not trying to be a dick. :)

    Your MPG gain probly came from a day that there wasnt much traffic or something.
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  6. 5speedsilverado

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    my mpg has stayed that good ever since i installed it, i had my truck for a year, and it was pulling 19 on the highway, and 16 in town, now ever since i have had the spacer, i pull 22-23 on the highway, and 18 in town. i realize i didn't get much, if at all any power from it, but it did bring my mpg up, also did the same for my parents vehicles also
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    oh well i guess you got more mpg.
  8. ippielb

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    I got around 0.5mpg-1.5mpg depends on the conditions I'm driving in. I know they do give you an increase in low end torque, and throttle response. I'm glad that you made this thread, i'd like to see someone explain my results too.
  9. 5speedsilverado

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    yes, its funny how a couple of people have problems with one thing, then every one hates it
  10. 5speedsilverado

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    so i have a little update, as most of you know, my truck has a manual transmission. i was talking to my neighbor yesterday, and he told me he had the throttle body space put on his truck, before he put it on, he would floor it at 40mph, and the truck would down shift, and come close to6k on a non- tuned silverado 4.8 with the 4l60e, he installed the tbs, and then when he floored it, it wouldn't drop into the lower gear as it did before, it droped and hit 4k rpms and shifted up, when before the tbs it hit close to 6k. so you guys that have tried it with your automatics, you may not see the benefit i saw with my manual transmission.

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