Tekonsha P3 Brake Controller Install Question....

Discussion in 'Chevy Silverado Forum (GMC Sierra)' started by jjump, Jul 2, 2010.

  1. jjump

    jjump New Member

    So I got my P3 brake controller for my 2010 Sierra, SL with HD Trailering Package.

    I have 3 different sets of directions. The set with the P3 dont even mention the wires under the hood, and one set says there are (2) wires that need connected to the fuse box, and the video that was on the DVD says there is only 1 wire that gets connected.

    Can anyone shed any light on this? I know you need power to the brake controller, and I believe one is for charging the trailer brake battery on the trailer.

    If not, how does the braje battery get charged?

    JJ in Pittsburgh
  2. wayned

    wayned Rockstar 100 Posts

    have not hook one up but the wires under the hood should be tape up one to power BC other hot wire for 7 point plug. with I have hook up
  3. MazamaMike

    MazamaMike New Member

    In my 2010 Silverado, I had 2 wires (as shown above in wayned's photo). You might have to search around a bit for them as at least for me the one on the engine side was hard to spot. I hooked both up (the one on the engine compartment goes on the right stud, the one coming from the right (mine did not have the tape on it as shown) goes on the left stud....they only fit that way as the studs and coorresponding holes are different sizes)...and you will have to buy nuts for them. One is to power the brake controller and one is to send power to the trailer for charging a trailer brake battery (or any other aux. power you need there). 2 fuses are needed (labeled "stud 1" and "stud 2" I think in the diagram) and may not be included. I had the trailering package but not the "heavy duty" package and needed one fuse (the one for the aux power).

    The following instructions worked for me (ignoring the stuff about hooking up the plug by the hitch):

    And I believe this was the wiring matrix:
    OEM Supplied Wiring Harness Colors Brake Controller Wire Colors Function
    Red Black +12 Volts
    Light Blue Red Stoplight
    White White Ground
    Dark Blue Blue Trailer Brakes
    Brown/Orange NA Illumination

    Also note: the "fuses" in question is (I think) actually a relay (square, female instead of male connectors, and larger than a normal fuse). The local NAPA did not have an exact match because the factory items are shorter than the ones they carried. The taller ones fit fine though (same amperage, etc., just not the exact same form factor).

    It used to be so easy with a simple plug in...oh well.

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