Television shows and reality ?

Discussion in 'The Coffee Shop ~ Chit Chat' started by JTWard, Jan 28, 2014.

  1. JTWard

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    I'm on a hunt for an older 1949 -53 Chevy or GMC pickup. But a funny kind of obstacle has reared it's ugly heard and all because of some very popular TV shows. Many of the "Overhauling" or "West coast Customs" as well "Old car prospector" and others like it, now everyone who parked uncle Ned's old 59 Chevy pickup out behind the garage out back in 1970 and it hasn't moved since then, and as it natural, the elements and insects, rodent's and other pitfalls of leave a vehicle out in the environment for the last 40 years and now when asked if the old truck out back (Which is most likely worth only scrape metal) but now after watching these shows they think any old piece of crap is worth at least 2-3 thousand dollars ?????

    They have no idea what it takes to restore a car or truck as Foose and company make it look like child's play. All that happens in the course of a hour long show and they get the idea any rusted, dented or unusable old vehicle is worth a pot of gold. It's crazy. You can't negotiate with this mind set and if you try to explain it to them they get hostile and think your trying to steal the family jewels. And the said vehicle will now sit till it's so far gone it isn't worth even trying to separate it from the earth surrounding it. Sad state of affairs ! :no:
  2. McClintoc

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    Yes, the stuipd masses are indeed stupid. That is why I try to deal with people as little as possible.
  3. JTWard

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    I heard every word you said McClintoc. . . I too, try my mightiest to distance myself from most folks, Like in the GMC commercial, There's stupid. . . then there's professional stupid. . . Most of my world is filled with the latter.
  4. TRPLXL2

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    This has also ruined auctions, I used to make a living off of auctions. Currently it's hard to get anything, and be able to flip and make a buck. Cas are ridiculous too, eBay doesn't do the market any favors either.
  5. JTWard

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    Yeah, I think it's a combined effect. You have the people who haven't finest idea of what a car or truck is or isn't worth. I've been in and around Corvettes since I was drafted in 1969, and I had a fellow/friend I knew who wanted me to look at a 1979 Corvette with him. And as far as all C3 Corvettes are concerned, I always take my first tool with me, a screw driver and LED light.

    All of GM vehicles of that vintage were made of some of the worst steel know to mankind back then, and on a 1979 Corvette the very first thing I do is lay down by the rear tire on both sides and put the tip of the screwdriver right on the chassis at the point where it make a 90 degree angle and goes straight up, and is called the "kick up". It's a welded joint right in front of the rear tire and has no protection of any kind from rain, salt, anything that can be run over. And if the screwdriver can be pushed through the rust infested frame, In all reality, you walk away. There's no sense going any further. The car, no matter how great it looks, . . . It's a parts car. Swapping a chassis is. . . Well it's a herculean task and before your done you 've spent the price of a brand new 2014 model.

    In my travels of late, when ever I see something with a tarp over it or a corner of a old truck bed sticking out somewhere, and it doesn't look like it's been disturbed, I knock and ask after it. I always get one of two answers, 1. It's not for sale, or 2. I'll have to call my uncle Cal to give me a price on it. And sure enough, they want 4 or 5 thousand for something the rodents and insects have considered home for the last 40 years. So . . .
  6. grampy

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    99% of people have no idea what it takes to 'build' a car / street rod / pickup or whatever. I have built up. modified, restofyed? four. My Willys truck (see garage) is the one I still own. It took two Willys trucks and one Jeep Wagoneer and a lot of misc. parts to get it like it is today. The hours upon hours of just hard work, I really wouldn't want to add up !!! I first licensed the Willys and put it on the street in 1993. I drove it, off roaded it and enjoyed it until 2010. It is now going through a third reincarnation. Back then, like 1990, you could still find them for a reasonable price. Now, any piece of crap Willys truck is selling for a thousand or more - usually much more. I wouldn't do it now! The sad thing is - I don't know how many times some jackass has asked me if it was for sale. I used to tell them - $10,000, they would tell me I was crazy ( usually walked away shaking their heads). In twenty years, I only had one serious offer. It's just 'nuts', if someone has a rusted out piece of crap - they want mega bucks for it. If you have something decent, they want it for nothing ! People are just no damn good !
  7. tbplus10

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    It takes a lot of door knocking, for every 30 doors I knock on I might get 7 that are priced realistic and 1 or 2 that you can actually bargain with and agree on a decent purchase price.

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