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Discussion in 'Chevy Silverado Forum (GMC Sierra)' started by greygoose, Oct 13, 2011.

  1. greygoose

    greygoose New Member

    Hello all, I am doing my research to find the perfect truck (for me). So I figured the best way to find real world experience is to talk to owners of all three brands. I would like all of you to be honest about your Silverados. What do you like? What don’t you like? How do you use your truck?

    This is just your honest opinions and experiences with YOUR vehicle.

    I eagerly await your responses.

    Thank you,
  2. hotrodking86

    hotrodking86 Rockstar 100 Posts

    Well I have always had Chevrolet vehicles, I have a 71 Chevrolet Chevelle that is still in great shape after all these years. I have had a 2006 Chevrolet Colorado, it was a great truck no issues except for a recall on the cruise control that was fixed. I loved it but I always wanted a Silverado, I wanted the full size truck. In 2009 I got my wish, I bought a 2008 Silverado brand new for a good price as the lot still had a few of them left over. The bad economy has helped us car buyers as of late one of the only perks. I haven't had any problems with it so far, it almost hasa 40,000 miles on it. The only thing that I really had to buy were tires, but we all know that factory tires are not the best. I had an older Ford service truck that I bought for doing roadside repairs, yes I said it Ford. I really love Chevrolets, they are American made and are Classic in my eyes. I have never had a real issue with Chevrolet, all trucks these days have their perks. It really comes down to what you want and like.

    Let me just say, do not buy the Ford diesel truck, I have worked on many and they are a pain in the A$$. I know that they redesigned them but I still would not trust them. So if you go Ford, buy the gasoline engine.
  3. greygoose

    greygoose New Member

    Let me specify that I am looking at 1/2 ton models from Ford, GM, and Dodge. I've driven all of them and I'm pretty knowledgeable about American vehicles in general, but nothing beats real world experiences.

    Thank you for your input hotrodking86. Just to clarify though, all (3) brands are American made. Two are actualy built right here in the motor city. :)
  4. hotrodking86

    hotrodking86 Rockstar 100 Posts

    Yes I know that all three are American made, I was just saying that is one of the reasons why I picked Chevrolet over other trucks (Toyota,Nissan, etc.). I feel that Chevy has an imprint on this country, but I love my two trucks that were Chevy. My Silverado has been a great truck, there are pros and cons about all three major brands.
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  5. TexasTechRaider

    TexasTechRaider Rockstar 3 Years 500 Posts

    I have a 2009 chevy silverado Texas edition that I bought 3 months ago, only problem I had was the power mirror stopped folding in but already got that fixed. I have had the newer body style ford (blah) they just don't drive the same.. Chevy feels complete and like a real truck, fords handling and suspension suck! I also hate the f-150 4x4, half the time it takes like 30 seconds for it to engage. In a Chevy you also feel badass compared to everyone else :)
  6. hotrodking86

    hotrodking86 Rockstar 100 Posts

    Chevys seem to have a better turning radius than Fords. My stepdad has a newer F-250 and the turning radius is horrible, I swear it takes 3 times to pull in a spot.
  7. ridick_bowen

    ridick_bowen Rockstar 100 Posts

    Don't get a 3 door. That's the only thing I hate about my truck. Wait, previously owned by a heavy set man so driver seat is abused like a 40 year old pornstar's you know what.

    2000 Silverado z71 4x4
  8. tyler87

    tyler87 Rockstar

    I've had a an 03, aand now have a 2010 Silverado half-ton, and have no complaints about either ones. My old man also has a 2007 (One ton dually with the duramax tho) and no problems either! I think the only thing i like about the fords are keypad on the door, would come in handy!
  9. davedyno

    davedyno Member

    Here what I like about my 2011 Silverado Z71 EXT 4X4,5.3, 18" Wheels = Everything including power, fuel mileage, quality, towing performance great brakes and looks.

    Here is what I did not like about my 2002 Silverado EXT 4X4,4.8
    LOUSY Brakes from very first day
    The Dealer telling me "you know" you can go to another dealer when complaining about these problems.
  10. PearlWhiteLTZ

    PearlWhiteLTZ Rockstar

    I haven't had my 09 Silverado LTZ all that long. I really like it. It does everything I need it to. Plenty of power, tons of room, great ride. As far a comfort, ride, and looks, I'd put my truck up against any cadillac, lincoln, or any other luxury truck or suv.
    I did have my 02 silverado for a long time. Mac Exhaust, K&N intake, Diablo tuner, leveling kit and 33' BFG AT's..I drove it though fire roads in VT, and time square in manhattan. Camped out in the bed at motorcross tracks and slept in the back seat on road trips down south. I could probably write a book about all the stories and memories involving that truck.
    A few months ago, while on my way to work, an old man crossed the double yellow, t-boned me on the drivers door, spun me around in traffic and nearly rolled me over. The rear axle was blown right out the rear and came to rest on the side of the road. I was unhurt, but the truck was totaled. I bought the truck with 50,000 miles and put 100,000 of my own on it with nothing more than oil changes, a battery, tires, and basic maintenance. There was no way i was going to replace Big Green (the name my girlfriend gave my truck) with anything other than another silverado.

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